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New R1 Breakfast Show Imaging Bidding
  • RobinBlamiresRobinBlamires August 2012
    You're all going to love the fourth section of the brief.

    Personally I think it's a way forward and will be interesting to hear the end result.
  • bossjockbossjock August 2012
    "Personally I think it's a way forward..."

    "No sung jingles" is a way forward??? :-S
  • petewilsonpetewilson August 2012
    So basically it will sound as boring and as same as the rest of the station?
    Mark my the ratings drop faster than a Lead Balloon!
    Incidentally if the first quarter ratings are any better than Mr Moyles than I will eat my hat and realise that the life of Sung Jingles on Radio One is over! :-((
  • mjb1124mjb1124 August 2012
    Unless there's a major change in their overall direction (which I don't see happening anytime soon), I think we'll just have to accept that sung jingles are a thing of the past on Radio 1.
  • simon_t123simon_t123 August 2012
    The JAM jingle days of R1 are a sadly certainly a thing of the past but listening back to R1 demo's and packages from the Music 4 / Vibe era around the turn of the century (it's weird to say that !) well those packages sounded just right for R1, a sung identity across the station but progressed away from the cliché of past R1 jingles ... As for this new brief they've not left the producer very long to get the work done !!! it looks very much then like a theme of some kind, I'm not familar with Grimshaw & his presentation style but I'd imagine the style of the bid winners work would match that, and my own thoughts on the impending changes for R1 brekkie linger on the incoming jock having the same kind of problems Mark & Lard did previously when trying to win over the R1 mainstream brekkie audience ... I'm not a fan of Moyles for the kind of show / persona he presents but he's got to be a tough act to follow ??? this imaging pitch will be crucial in forming a 'brand' for the show, we'll have to see what comes of it !!!

    On a parallel topic personally disliking Mr Evans style more, something keeps tugging at my ankles bringing visions of Moyles @ breakfast on R2 in times to come ... Evans, Ball & Cox have all found R2 gigs in one form or another, and Mayo too ...
  • wixy1360wixy1360 August 2012
    "A richly produced, quality sound .... a cost-effective solution"

    Perhaps they need to look up "oxymoron" in a dictionary?

    And McCasso will clearly excluded from bidding on the basis of the first half of the statement.
  • MikeRussellMikeRussell August 2012
    They're looking for the sound of the future. I wonder what that will be?

    Not sung jingles... clearly!
  • LenGroatLenGroat August 2012
    In 1970, on my university station, we did lots of voice-overs on instrumental tracks as we could not afford SUNG jingles....

    Now BBC Radio 1 makes it a RULE you cannot even submit SUNG jingles!

    But switch on your television and see how many 60s and 70s VOCAL songs are being used on commercials, or promos, often aimed at under 35s..

    Answer? Quite a few!

    Radio 1 is too trendy for its own good....
  • wixy1360wixy1360 August 2012
    "But switch on your television and see how many 60s and 70s VOCAL songs are being used on commercials, or promos, often aimed at under 35s.. "

    You do actually have a good point there Len, although perhaps the REAL reason such songs are "recognised" by that age group is because they've heard them on "chick flicks"!

    ... but it doesn't stop the actual music choices in those adverts being items that certainly stand the "test of time" far better than probably 99% of "today's music" ever will.

    And now back to...whatever the thread was about in the first place...
  • SpoonsSpoons August 2012
    Great point Len.
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins August 2012
    So to all those with a Casio or Bontempi keyboard, and piano Grade 1, get cracking - this could be your lucky break......

    The new show doesn't know the sound they want, they're just desperate to be the complete opposite from Moyles' imaging.

    Not sure what real instrumentation they are after either - big band or any brass is out (too much like Moyles) and guitars, drums and bass will end up sounding like 90s Brit-pop - probably not cool now.

    Also surprised they want so little of it...... they haven't even asked for the 'theme' to be editable into short stings or loops so not sure how useable it will be.

    Anyway I won't be listening so this is all rather academic really.

  • BigdaveBigdave August 2012

    (play the clip in for the jingle at 0.09)

    I remember this from the Radio 1 night and thought it could work now ... its modern,it's got JAM in it,and as Tony Blackburn said on the first night,they've even brought Arnold back... :)

  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    Good one Bigdave...

    I`m sure someone will correct me if I`m wrong but I reckon that clip is:
    PAMS sonovox "music"
    Arnold`s bark (just in case you didn`t know, Arnold was Tony Blackburn`s dog. which he used to take into the Radio 1 studio when he was on-air)
    Sounds like "beep beep"
    Tanner music
    JAM sing of "One"...
  • petewilsonpetewilson August 2012
    Chris Moyles last Breakfast Show on September 14th should be worth Listening/Recording!
    I'm sure the Guy's at Music4 will do something special too! :-)
    Reading between the line's the BBC Trust are saying Moyle's is to old to present on the Network and it's not aiming enough at the younger generation!!
    When the last ratings of the year come out can someone bump this thread and let us know how much the ratings drop in the last quarter of the year!
  • RillingtonRillington August 2012
    I think that mjb1124 is probably right when he says that sung jingles are gone forever on Radio 1 and I guess bosses think that sung jingles don't fit with the Radio 1 that the BBC wants in 2012.
  • amigoamigo August 2012
    I'm still questioning the idea of outsourcing this kind of project. All this could be done in-house and save a lot of money.
  • jonathanmarksjonathanmarks August 2012
    I'm sure its a phase. Sung jingles will be back - just not sure when. Not my words, but those of Jonathan Wolfert. Made a few documentaries on jingles when I worked for Radio Netherlands. . Really enjoyed comparing the Radio 1 approach with the Earshot Creative Review podcast that Steve Martin put together last month with Radio 2.
  • ratnobratnob August 2012

    I'm sure its a phase. Sung jingles will be back

    Yes: I share your optimism, and thanks for the link to your blog post. A couple of points: "JAMS" needs correcting to "JAM" and the two programmes you mention for 1983 and 1994 seem both to link to the 1993 recording. It's all v informative. Thanks for sharing it.
  • jonnojonno August 2012
    ..and welcome Jonathan. As an SWL back in the day, Media Network was one of my must listen programmes.
  • NickySNickyS August 2012
    The death of the sung jingle on Radio 1 Breakfast has even made it on to BBC News Online!
  • RillingtonRillington August 2012
    and it's even trending on the most read stories list on
  • LenGroatLenGroat August 2012
    Like many other 'regulars' on here I'm delighted this very strange decision by Radio 1 has been made, simply because the person/team making it will now be under intense observation from the press and public.

    It's great that people have responded this way as clearly many realise that (regardless of the company that make them) sung jingles are to radio what colour is to television.

    The brief suggests this new breakfast show swill sound VERY MONOCHROME.

    Just as important as the jingles though is the presentation! Are we to have (yet another kiddy) 'breakfast crew', with a yappy woman, a male side-kick (Robin) for the main dj, and lots of 'oohing and ahhing' from the others?

    Radio 1 .... PLLEASE leave that to Heart and Capital.. let's have a one to one breakafast show with a COMMUNICATOR, not a ringmaster. And yes, do EXPERIMENT with no sung jingles, they WILL be back sooner or later... but will the producers still have a job at the Beeb by then?
  • muffymuffy August 2012
    Len there are sung Jingles packages out there that would suit a " today music format with an edge" which I guess the new Radio 1 breakfast show will be all about ....... Sweepers are a bit hospital radio ( sorry) .. this is a uk wide station .. IT SHOULD SOUND BIG.. and a great sung jingle can do this ..
  • RobinBlamiresRobinBlamires August 2012
    Another revealing take from The Guardian, The last paragraph is a great comparison. Reminds me of The Monkees refusing to record the song "Sugar Sugar".
  • LenGroatLenGroat August 2012
    ... and now at 8.30 this morning BBC Radio 4 'Today' show went from a topic on Julian Assange to Tony Blackburn talking about the merits of sung radio jingles!
  • NickySNickyS August 2012
    LenGroat said:

    ... and now at 8.30 this morning BBC Radio 4 'Today' show went from a topic on Julian Assange to Tony Blackburn talking about the merits of sung radio jingles!

    And if you missed it you can hear it here

  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    Thanks for the link Nicky, absolutely fascinating and well said Tony Blackburn, I agree with everything “our leader” said about sung-jingles and these quotes from Tony highlights it all for me…

    “I really think they`re making a slight mistake here….I think the singing jingles are just fantastic, they just give that fresh sound, you get a message across, it`s called branding…I love them…it`s the reason why I jumped ship from Radio Caroline to Radio London, I thought the jingles were absolute gems… The Americans are genius at doing them”

    Tony also mentioned Radio 2…

    "Radio 2 has just had a brand new package done and they`re fabulous and they were done in this country"

    BTW if there are any Jinglemadders who can`t hear this audio (in other countries etc...) let me know here and I`ll put the audio on Soundcloud to download.
  • LenGroatLenGroat August 2012
    Wonderful Tony Blackburn quote....

    "The very best ones... started in America, and they were the real GEMS" !
  • Rik+ScottRik Scott August 2012
    Shame they didn't use the John Humphreys version of the Mark Goodier jingle...
  • AntzAntz September 2012
    Has anyone found out who won the R1 Breakfast Show imaging bidding?
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins September 2012
    Does anyone really care ?
  • muffymuffy September 2012
    Opening theme /jingle sounded like it was from Chris Moyles unwanted jingles bin .. far too slow ..And that girls voice on the jingles " to much of a smile".... which I think they will be a turn off ..
  • LenGroatLenGroat September 2012
    Sadly the 'theme' sounds like a tv news theme from News 24 or Al Jazeera (good but still a news theme) ~ the uninspiring female voice over sounds like it might be his sister.

    More importantly he has a rather too ordinary voice for breakfast radio + poor diction: 'noo' rather than 'new' etc etc... but I guess the 'yoofs' will like it?
  • petewilsonpetewilson September 2012
    What an awful show...well I listened to the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes :-))
    To anyone who know's...when are the first audience figure's released for this "Hot, Trendy New Breakfash Show" ? (no that wasn't a Typo!)
    I predict the rating's falling faster than a Whore's Knickers! :-))
  • muffymuffy September 2012
    I dont know if the BBC still run Radio Grafton in the training department .. but that show should be given to all would be BBC broadcasters , with a note ..."NEVER present a show as bad on air at the BBC" .. and to have about five of the station presenters pulling the show to bits at 9.50am .. He said the management didnt rate the show ...............Did he play many station jingles
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins September 2012
    Pete, I had to have a listen on iPlayer after your summary and yes the show is truly dreadful in my opinion too. Suddenly the station sounds smaller and less professional. Grimshaw sounds dull, dreary and annoyingly camp in a way that Scott Mills and Kevin Greening were not.

    The theme gave me the impression that something important and significant should be happening but nothing ever did. The schoolgirl voiced double-tracked liners are straight from BBC Radio Bedroom.

    The BBC has given the commercial networks a free ride with this own goal.
  • muffymuffy September 2012
    Its wrong in all areas .. rather than the advert for a bid for none singing jingles .. it should have been a bid from a production company to provide a Flag ship Young breakfast format for Radio 1 .. to include an image package .. and there are many production houses with their own tested ideas and producers who would give it 100% on day one ........... and if it goes wrong on day one The BBC trust lean on the production company
  • martinlestermartinlester October 2012
    Having got round to listening to 25 Mins of the New breakfast show last week ,

    I am sorry can’t say I agree with Robin’s “Personally I think it's a way forward “

    To me this was the most depressing Radio Show I have heard in year’s

    Grim by Name grim by nature

    The Jingles if you want to call them that are more suited to a serious New Presentation and the whole premise of now with more music is more suited for a late night programming , It’s the morning and people want a “Fun” radio experience and good Sung Jingles should be part of this experience

    I Feel like I have just wasted 25 minutes of my life
  • martinlestermartinlester October 2012
    Above Should read "News Presentation"

    not New presentation
  • tyty21tyty21 October 2012
    even though i don't listen to r1, i'm glad i'm not now, i can agree with pete here, ratings are gonna drop like dead flies!
  • muffymuffy October 2012
    Nick is using a sort of generic shouts or vocal drops .. but dont know who made them .. I think If Rosko would have used them on his 70's and 80's shows they would have fitted in .. but they sound out of place on this breakfast show ...
  • LenGroatLenGroat October 2012
    Chalks said:

    Does anyone really care ?

    To quote Chalks, it would seem not. The company* who made this has (belatedly) added a video of the session to You Tube, and so far just 65 hits in a day..

    It does sound like a News theme ( or a David Attenborough wildlife show?) and so
    WHY did the BBC (once again) waste licence payer's money when it was not necessary?

    There are 1000s of Library tracks that sound just like this.

    * The company?

    ............ Wise Buddah

  • petewilsonpetewilson January 2013
    Good to see my prediction from over 3 months ago was correct....\:D/
    So it looks like Radio Two has gained most of the Moyles Listeners?
    Excellent News!
    Who will be the "next" Saviour of Radio One?
  • LenGroatLenGroat February 2013
    "Good to see my prediction from over 3 months ago was correct.."

    Yes, but a sad day today.... as Ofcom say Magic can CUT local breakfast and news - that's 'goodbye' to 7 local breakfast!!

    'ILR' is self-destructing any vestige of the qualities that gave it 25% to 50% reach locally..

    The RELEVANCE? Radio 1 and 2 only do so well because of endless (public ) funding, and ILR is NO competitor with its mainly 'under 29 year old ' focus, endless (bribing) competitions, and mainly um-memorable, poorly sung jingles...

    Happy Weekend !
  • muffymuffy February 2013
    Radio in the uk is dead ...Lets hope Ofcom dont get involved in internet radio ..that will be THE END.... to quality jingles
  • Chris Moyles last Breakfast Show on September 14th should be worth Listening/Recording!
    When the last ratings of the year come out can someone bump this thread and let us know how much the ratings drop in the last quarter of the year!

    See Grimeshaw has lost another million......
    So I wonder if someone's head will roll now and is it due to the lack of Jingles or just the poofy presenter :-?
    Time to bring back Mr Moyles! :-D
  • mbmb May 2013
    The show was never going to keep all the Moyles listeners and the aim is to focus on a specific demograpic so the RAJAR are not the only measure of the success of the show in terms of remit.
  • That "statement" reads like it had come straight off the BBC PR office / press handout Michael. :-(

    Regardless of the semantics, the non-jingle-related aspects of the Grimshaw programme situation can be found being debated here...

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