New themes and radio jingles for Top in Flanders

Brandy Jingles has made a new sound for Flanders’ youngest semi-national radio network, Top.

The station says it has “undergone a metamorphosis, with the station’s sonic branding being one of the main earcatchers”.

We Make You Move – Volume 2 consists of six new themes with catchy vocals with plenty of character, carried by a strong melody.

The jingles went on-air at the end of last year during the Dance TOP 1000.

Peter Huyghe, owner of TOP, says: “The online listening figure increased by 15% compared to last year. And our cumulative reach even by 23%.

“The strengthening of our offering and the rebranding are working incredibly well. And Brandy is the perfect imaging partner for us. You guys just understand what a unique station like TOP needs.”

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