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BBC Radio London Jingles 1976-1988
  • jinglettjinglett May 2012
    Enjoy these jingles from the BBC's station in London - a station that went through many changes from easy listening to sex, soul and hard news! The first few are Paddy Kingsland followed by the "All for You" Emison package. The second set is a mixture of Alphasound packages used from 1983-1988.
  • MarkSMarkS May 2012
    Many thanks for these – I’ve collected a lot of BBC Radio London material over the years - but you’ve included a lot of cuts which I’ve missed.

    Did you happen to work at the Station?

    Thanks again…

  • Those are excellent Jinglett......
    Something else I've learnt today...BBC Radio London had a Jingle Package by Paddy Kingsland (BBC Radiophonic Workshop-fame?)

    Thanks for that!! :-)
  • BarrasBarras May 2012

    Something else I've learnt today...BBC Radio London had a Jingle Package by Paddy Kingsland

    Been in my jingle collection at #5438 and it`s not embargoed :)

    5437 FIRSTCOM – KNIX Phoenix, Arizona (Custom - 20:58 - 1989)

    5438 PADDY KINGSLAND – BBC Radio London 206 (Greater London package – 38:08 – 1980)

    5439 YAMCO – Radio Orwell (Copies of PAMS cuts because of Musician`s Union – 4:14 - 1975)

    01 In town and village Anglia...the nicest thing happens to make your day on Radio Orwell stereo
    02 Stereo...this is Radio Orwell
    03 (Music track of #02)
    04 Orwell stereo 97.1
    05 Orwell stereo East Anglia`s number one
    06 257
    07 (Music track of #06)
    08 East Anglia`s voice out of Ipswich 257
    09 We`re playing music for the two of us, listening together Radio Orwell stereo
    10 97.1 Radio Orwell stereo
    11 97.1
    12 (Music trackl of #09)
    13 257 (acca)
    14 257 (acca)
    15 Orwell stereo (acca)
    16 97.1 (acca)
    17 Keith Rogers
    18 Keith Martin
    19 Andy Archer
    20 Greg Bance
    21 Katie Glass
    22 Patrick Heed


    Download my jingle list…
  • So the PADDY KINGSMAN Package came AFTER Emison (before Alfasound)?
    I remember it as thats when Mr Blackburn joined the station on a regular basis and the voiceover guy was the guy who did the v/o's for all those "How have you survived without this gadget" type TV Commercials (K-TEL?) The one's you get nowadays in the Betterbuy catalogues,etc..... :-)
    Anyway any chance of getting a copy of that unembargoed item please david?
    Cash or Kind!!!! ;-)
  • BarrasBarras May 2012
    Drop me an email Pete (haven`t got your current email addy) and in return,
    it`s an "unembargoed kind" ! :-D
  • K-TEL, another memory. ever wonder where the name came from? quite interesting actually, and theyre still around!

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