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Jingles on cassette
  • star+tetleystar tetley March 2012
    Just a reminder that I am always interested in jingle cassettes. Please contact me.

    It would be interesting to hear how many people still keep cassettes.
  • ah-mediaah-media March 2012
    I have a huge box of cassettes that I am slowly moving across onto MP3 - Happy to get rid of the buggers when I'm done :)
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    Just a reminder that I am always interested in jingle cassettes. Please contact me.

    It would be interesting to hear how many people still keep cassettes.

    I just took delivery of a box of about 30 alfasound/pams etc. cassettes :-D
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    I'm also in a process (long, slow...but continuing) of transferring cassettes to digital - but I wouldn't dream of converting to ... MP3 !

    Play-in analogue from a proper deck, through good cables and digitize to WAV FIRST, then to the "raw" digital file (carefully & lightly) apply noise reduction processing, click removal, etc, reducing un-necessary gaps etc, then archiving still as WAV.
    No need for MP3 to "save space" now - plenty of room with TeraByte-class external drives etc.
    Cassette-to-MP3 is just asking for artifacts - might not notice them on the "first pass" but then using a SECOND time (e.g. on a montage) and up they pop. And can't "go backwards" quality-wise.

    At some point I'll offer away the cassettes for sale or even as free (just like Jonno's, lots of Alfasound Collectors tapes, even PAMS International ones), and few actual station-recorded.
  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    Here`s one of the treasured cassette tapes I won`t be getting rid off, it`s the Hallam FM package by JAM in 1992, transferred as a WAV file, of course !


  • tomobietomobie March 2012
    Well said Iain...anyone who archives sound should ALWAYS convert to WAV not mp3.
    Ah-Media...please reconsider using WAV instead of mp3
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    indeed wise words... I must pull my finger out because I am acquiring cassettes faster than I am digitising them #-O
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    Jonno - if you've got in a load of Alfa cassettes, it might be worth our while "comparing notes", as I'm sure that due to the effects of the dreaded Alfa high-speed dubbing techniques (e.g. azimuth, phase, etc), you'll have some cassettes that will be iffy while I have the same ones but OK, and vice versa.
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    Lets see if this pic file insertion will work...

    If so, a few at random from the cassettes cupboard...
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    OK, try again (...old dog has to learn new tricks sometimes...)

  • jonnojonno March 2012
    jonno said:

    I just took delivery of a box of about 30 alfasound/pams etc. cassettes :-D

  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    Ooooooh!!! mine's much bigger than yours! :>


    ...but clearly much less organised Jonno...I think I actually do need to get all these properly catalogged... :)
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    those were just the ones that came in the post last week
  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    Pleased to say I`ve still got ALL of the Alfasound stuff on cassette and ALL have been digitized….


    If you would like a digital copy of any of the cassettes, get in touch:


  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    You can reference the cassette tapes on my jingle list….

    114 PAMS – Series 1 to 8

    115 PAMS – Series 9 to 13

    116 PAMS – Series 14 to 21

    117 PAMS – Series 22 to 27

    118 PAMS – Series 28 to 39

    119 PAMS – Series 40 to 49

    120 PAMS
    The Cheer leaders
    The Beatles
    The Smart Set
    Tuned Young
    PAMS voices
    Musical Odyssey
    Fall Affair
    Winter Warm
    Clyde and Shaft

    121 PAMS
    Solid Rock – Volume 1
    Solid Rock – Volume 2
    Stereo island
    The Philadelphia Story
    Philadelphia Flo`
    Regal Logos
    The Great American Music machine

    122 PAMS
    Radio London
    Radio England
    Britain Radio
    Radio Caroline
    South-Coast Radio
    Boyneside Radio
    Radio Sovereign
    Radio Jackie
    Q 102
    Magic 103
    Lazer 558
    BILL MITCHELL – WRLI Wonderful Radio London International (liners - 1984)
    The Voice of Free Gospel Radio

    123 PAMS
    KPOL 1969
    The Memory Bank Computer
    The Pied Piper 1971
    WLS Chicago 1971
    Sonovox sing-overs for 93 KHJ Los Angeles
    Soul Express
    Right Now
    Smilin` Thru – 3WE Cleveland, Ohio

    124 PAMS
    Super Star
    XHBST Mexico City
    Super Summer 1972
    The Armed Forces sampler
    KONO San Antonio 1972
    WLS Chicago (custom)
    KNBR San Francisco 1975
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles 1975

    125 CPMG-PAMS – The Show Reel Tape A Side 1 & Side 2

    126 CPMG -PAMS – Sampler ALP 8 Side 1 & Side 2

    127 CPMG-PAMS

    Growing With Your City (WSPD - 1982)
    Mainstream (various 1982)
    Find Out First (WBBM – 1982)
    Classics One (WLNG - 1982)
    Metro-Pulse (WWJ – 1982)
    Contempro (various – 1982)

    128 CPMG-PAMS

    Power Cuts
    First Fire
    First Class
    Z 104 (custom)
    WWKB Radio
    WLUW custom
    Classics Two
    Ben Freedman - “Salute To Radio In North America”

    129 PAMS – 100 Bill Mitchell sweepers

    130b CPMG PAMS – Behind The Scenes at PAMS introduced by Ken R

    130a CPMG PAMS – Introduction to CPMG-PAMS with Chris Elliot

    131 PAMS demo 1982

  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    132 PAMS – Across The UK Volume 1

    BBC Radio One 1967/1971-1975
    BBC Radio Two 1971-1975
    Metro Radio 1974
    Radio Orwell 1975
    Downtown Radio (1) 1983
    Tony Blackburn custom-jingles 1986
    Carousel Cable network 1988

    133 PAMS – Across The UK Volume 2

    County Sound Gold 1988
    Viking Gold 1988
    GEM-AM (1) 1988
    Classic Gold 1989
    WABC 1989
    Downtown Radio (2) 1989
    GEM-AM (2) 1989
    First Gold Radio 1990
    KCBC 1990

    134 CPMG/Bill Mitchell – Disco 100 (non-custom jingles) from PAMS International Kent, England UK

    01 Disco Theme

    BILL MITCHELL one-liners

    02 Welcome to a night of musical madness
    03 5,4,3,2,1…blast off
    04 Taking care of business. The best disco in town !
    05 Close encounters of the disco kind
    06 Double dynamite
    07 Soul music
    08 What`s happenin` man ?
    09 Disco double play
    10 It`s the best jazz funk in town
    11 The rock hits of yesterday
    12 It`s holiday time, so lets have fun !
    13 Happy birthday
    14 Drive safely
    15 And it`s goodnight from the funkiest disco in town


    16 Dedication time (sonovox & bed)
    17 Good evening and welcome
    18 The best disco in disco music
    19 Disco powerplay
    20 Disco action time
    21 Get down and boogie
    22 Hit-pick
    23 Request time
    24 Merry Christmas
    25 Happy new year

    CPMG – Chart Rundown Shouts (Dallas singers)

    26 to 45….Number 20 throught to Number 1

    Moog bullets

    46 Bullet A
    47 Bullet B
    48 Bullet C
    49 Bullet D
    50 Bullet E

    PAMS International general

    51 to 71 – Bill Mitchell “Nostalgia lives on, as we remember the golden year of……(1960 to 1980)


    72 The best music
    73 Solid gold
    74 This record sucks
    75 Soul spot light
    76 The funking machine
    77 The music funks me out
    78 The best disco funks on
    79 What a funking good way to dance the night away
    80 Soul Star Tip
    81 Disco 12 incher
    82 Dynamite
    83 Groovy
    84 Funky
    85 Whoopee


    86 Twin spin
    87 Putting me on

    CPMG Shouts

    88 Hot hits (shout)
    89 Saturday night oldies show
    90 Much more music (acca)
    91 Having fun, music for the weekend
    92 They sold a million, songs we all know well….million sellers
    93 Hot fun in the summer time
    94 Hot stereo rock
    95 Moog Bed 1
    96 Moog Bed 2 (Radio Luxembourg bed)
    97 Moog Bed 3 (classical sound)
    98 Moog Bed 4 (space)
    99 Moog Bed 5 (long bed)
    100 Moog Bed 6 (disco)

    135 PAMS – Carat 100 –Volume 1

    136 PAMS – Carat 100 –Volume 2

    137 PAMS – Carat 100 - Volume 3

    138 PAMS – “Metro-Plex” The Sound of Dallas Fortworth Radio introduced by Marsha Hanlon
    various airchecks 1984
    KPLX, KAFM – PAMS promo

  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    139 Alfasound – Volume 1

    Pennine Radio 1
    Piccadilly Radio
    Severn Sound 1
    Radio Trent 1
    Radio Victory
    Radio Trent 2
    Radio 210

    140 Alfasound – Volume 2

    Centre Radio
    Radio Victory 2
    Radio Trent 3
    Devonair 2
    Chiltern Radio 1
    Radio Trent 4
    Chiltern Radio 2

    141 Alfasound – Volume 3

    BBC Radio London 1
    BBC Radio Guernsey
    Severn 2
    Radio Trent 5
    Chiltern Radio 3
    BBC Radio Lancashire
    Radio Luxembourg
    Signal Radio 1

    142 Alfasound – Volume 4

    County Sound 1
    Radio Trent 6
    Leicester Sound 1
    Radio Tay 1
    Pennine Radio 2
    Radio Lincolnshire 1
    Chiltern Radio 4
    Radio Lancashire 2

    143 Alfasound – Volume 5 (Pirates)

    Sunshine Radio
    Radio Caroline
    West Cork Local Radio
    Radio Nova
    ALFA/JAM – KFM (Turbo Z)
    Radio Sovereign
    RCR (Royal County Radio)
    ALFA/JAM – WLR FM (On Target)
    Sunshine 101
    Sunshine 91.6
    Island Radio

    144 Alfasound – Volume 6

    Radio Sunshine Switzerland (Radio London 1)
    Radio One Bahrain
    RTE (4)
    RTE (3)

    145 Alfasound – Volume 7

    Invicta Radio 1
    Beacon Radio 1
    Radio London 2
    Radio Tay 2
    Radio Trent 7
    Leicester Sound 2
    Radio Manchester
    Signal Radio 2

    146 Alfasound – Volume 8

    Radio Hallam (i/c vocals by soul singer Jimmy Helmes)
    BBC Radio Northampton 1
    BBC Radio Kent
    BBC Radio Bristol
    Metro Radio 1
    Lancashire 2
    Invicta Radio 2
    Music Box TV

    147 Alfasound – Volume 9

    County Sound 2
    Swansea Sound
    Swansea Sound (The Original)
    Metro and Tees 1
    Marcher Sound
    Radio Trent 8
    Severn Sound 3
    Radio Lincolnshire (top-ups)
    Metro and Tees 3

    148 Alfasound – Volume 10

    TFM 1
    Radio Manchester 2
    BBC Radio Sussex
    Plymouth Sound
    Beacon Radio 2
    Invicta 3
    Yorkshire Radio Network 1
    Top Man

    149 Alfasound – Volume 11 (Overseas stations)

    Radio Malmohus
    Radio Orebro
    Radio Kristianstad
    Radio Metropolys
    Radio Uppland
    Solor Radio

    150 Alfasound – Volume 12

    GEM AM (Trent 9)
    County Sound 3
    Yorkshire Radio Network 2

    MFM (1989)
    CENTURY 21/PAMS – Trent 10
    Yorkshire Radio Network 3
    ALFA-PAMS WABC/Beacon 4
    ALFA-TOP FORMAT Go Gold (999 WABC)

    151 Alfasound – Volume 13

    FOX-FM (Top Flight)
    GNR ***complete package at #24***
    Yorkshire Radio Network 4
    Trent 11
    JAM – 2CR Bournemouth, Dorset (Nonstop Power) demo
    ALFASOUND – 2CR Bournemouth, Dorset (custom) demo
    JAM - Capitol Radio Dublin, Ireland (Turbo Z - 6:10) demo
    JAM - Century Radio Southern Ireland (Omnitrax – 5:43) demo

    152 Alfasound – Volume 14

    BBC Radio Clwyd
    Cork 89FM
    TFM (Christmas top-ups)
    Radio Lincs (top-ups)
    Metro Radio (1989 top-ups)
    GEM-AM (Asian resings)
    Radio South FM (Eire)
    ALFA-JAM WLR-FM Eire (On Target, Outstanding) demo

    153 Alfasound – Volume 15

    ALFA-JAM Coast Classic
    GEM-AM 2
    Beacon 4
    ALFA-CENTURY 21 Invicta FM
    JAM - Metro FM (Metro 5)
    County Sound 4
    Delta Radio
    BBC Radio Stoke
    Radio 538 (Holland)

    154 Alfasound – Volume 16

    TFM 2 (1986)
    ALFA-JAM KFM Stockport UK (Turbo Z)
    First Gold Radio
    BBC Lancashire 5
    BBC Radio Leeds
    BBC Northampton 2
    ALFA-JAM BBC Radio Bristol (Spirit Of New England)
    Red Rose Rock FM (Breakthrough)

    155 Alfasound – Volume 17

    Aire FM
    JAM – Trent FM (12 - 1991)
    BBC Radio Kent
    JAM/Alfa vocals - GMR 2
    JAM - GEM-AM 3
    Mellow 1557
    KEY 103
    BBC WM
    Sky Radio

    156 Alfasound – Volume 18

    JAM - City Gold
    JAM - Pulse FM
    JAM/Alfa vocals - Invicta Supergold
    JAM - City FM
    JAM - WABC 2
    Hallam FM 2
    Classic Gold (GNR resings)
    Severn Sound 4

    157 Alfasound – Volume 19

    Beacon 6
    Marcher Gold
    BBC CWR 2
    Red Rose Gold
    JAM/Alfa vocals - South Coast Radio
    JAM - Chiltern Radio/Horizon Radio/Northants Radio/Severn Sound 102.4/Galaxy Radio “The Hot FM”
    JAM - Metro FM 6
    JAM - Great North Radio

    158 Alfasound – Volume 20

    Metropolys 3
    Contact `94
    Quality Europe FM
    Sunrise Radio
    RLO (Eire)
    Tipperary Mid West Radio (Eire)
    Horizon Radio (Eire)
    Northern Sound

    159 Alfasound – Dave Barras (accapellas)

    160 Alfasound – Around Alfasound (Documentary)

    161 Alfasound – Production Power Non-Custom Sung Jingles

    162 Alfasound – Production Power American Voice-Overs Volume 1

    163 Alfasound – Production Power American Voice-Overs Volume 2

    164 Alfasound – Production Power Trella Pellas (Trella Hart)

    165 Alfasound – Production Power Tech Effects

    166 Alfasound – Production Power Comedy Drop-Ins

    167 Alfasound – The Irish Pirates – Volume 1

    168 Alfasound – The Irish Pirates – Volume 2

    169 Alfasound – Classic US Radio of the 60`s – Volume 1

    170 Alfasound – Classic US Radio of the 60`s – Volume 2

    171 Alfasound – New York City 1976

    172 Alfasound – New York City 1988

    173 Alfasound – Chicago 1984

    174 Alfasound – Florida 1986

    175 Alfasound – Dallas 1986

    176 Alfasound – Dallas 1987

    177 Alfasound – Las Vegas 1988

    178 Alfasound Jingle-Gram 2

    179 Alfasound Jingle-Gram 3

    180 Alfasound Jingle-Gram 4 (i/c Steve England Radio 4 interview about jingles)

  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012

  • bossjockbossjock March 2012
    Good grief!!!!
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    feeling rather inadequate :-S
  • time for a cigarette; and i never smoked....
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    "and ALL have been digitized…"

    David B would probably never speak to me ever again if I were to WAV or MP3? :-D

    (......heads rapidly for exit......)
  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    bossjock said:

    Good grief!!!!

    Well, some schmuck has to collect them !

  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    wixy1360 said:

    "and ALL have been digitized…"

    David B would probably never speak to me ever again if I were to WAV or MP3? :-D

    (......heads rapidly for exit......)

    I confess..............MP3 (Iain faints)

    Recently, I`ve started to convert them ALL again as WAV, at a guess about a third of them are now WAV, slowly getting there...

  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    Seriously though - David if you find any of yours with azimuth etc problems while going through the WAV digitizing, would it be worthwhile for e.g. Jonno or I having ours "on standby" in case a "cleaner" tape might occasionaly be needed?
  • BarrasBarras March 2012
    wixy1360 said:

    Seriously though - David if you find any of yours with azimuth etc problems while going through the WAV digitizing, would it be worthwhile for e.g. Jonno or I having ours "on standby" in case a "cleaner" tape might occasionaly be needed?

    Agreed Iain and thanks for the offer but hasn`t this been a good thing about Jinglemad anyway, the network of collectors who help each other, for example, Mark Hodgkinson helped myself & Jonno recently with a dub of a package. BTW I`m pleased to say I haven`t had any problems with the cassettes I`ve got in my collection, they`re all in mint condition !

  • simon_t123simon_t123 March 2012
    oooo I've just got one of those USB cassette dubber things ... need to find my box of tapes now mind !!!
  • tcarmantcarman March 2012
    Barras said:

    I confess..............MP3 (Iain faints)

    tsk tsk tsk!

  • jonnojonno March 2012

    oooo I've just got one of those USB cassette dubber things ... need to find my box of tapes now mind !!!

    Denon DRS-810 + external Creative SoundBlaster USB thingy here :-)
  • wixy1360wixy1360 March 2012
    Sony MHC-650 2nd-hand from Cash Convertors, lots of phono cables, and good old Soundblaster PC card here!...excellent 20th century technology...oh...
  • star+tetleystar tetley February 2013
    jonno said:

    oooo I've just got one of those USB cassette dubber things ... need to find my box of tapes now mind !!!

    Denon DRS-810 + external Creative SoundBlaster USB thingy here :-)

    Are you the Johno on Ebay selling the cassettes?

  • jonnojonno February 2013
    not me sir!
  • star+tetleystar tetley February 2013
    I was wondering if you were going to put any Alfasound jingles cassettes on there as I have a few to complete my collection...but as it's not you I wont bother! Time for bed I think!
  • jonnojonno February 2013
    i'm always on the lookout to add them to mine too ;-)
  • DevawebDevaweb February 2013
    Eight cassettes in, 400 or so to go...
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins February 2013
    Unfortunately a lot of cassettes were recorded back in the day with Dolby B encoding used. Then years later they are played back on another deck into a soundcard with Dolby B off because the sound is too dull or muddy with Dolby on. This results in a brighter but thin sound with horrible compression audible on reverb tails and way too much hiss throughout.

    Adobe Audition does not offer any easy rectification.

    For those about to transfer a cassette, I would suggest keeping the Dolby button 'in' whilst dubbing onto your PC, if you suspect that it was used originally and then use your audio editing software to push the top end once it's in the digital domain.
  • MRJPCMRJPC February 2013
    Ok got a few on cassette , Most of mine are 5 inch reel to reel demos
    from Jam Pams Toby Arnold and Tanner
  • tcarmantcarman February 2013
    Hmmm... 3,000+ DATs in... and several thousand more to go. (I've given up on the cassettes)! :-))
  • Received more great stuff on cassette yesterday. I know most people have transferred stuff now but it would never seem the same to me having grown up in the cassette era.
  • I've quite a number of cassette-dubbed items, when in the "gap years" between reels and the advent of digital MD / DAT / CD I'd get things in from stations on (hissy) cassettes, and even the "chrome" ones need a bit of "post-processing" at digital conversion to WAV.

    Some of the rarest packages in my entire collection are unfortunately on cassette!
    Mainly because that particular era involved me scrounging from stations in "far away places"
    or off-the-beaten-track locations or with unusual names or callsigns/letters.

    S-T - are you actually asking for dubs "ON cassette" (for that "authentic" !!!)" noise-laden sound?) :)
  • When I started collecting jingles in the 80's everything was on cassette and I have never lost my love for them. Yes I could transfer my collection but it would not seem the same to me. It may seem bizarre but I always transferred material from CD to cassette. They are fiddly and poor quality but too me that is part of the fun. I suppose it is similar to those who collect vinyl.
    You say some of your rarest packages are 'unfortunately' on me that would be fortunate!
    I know I am stuck in the past but I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. I suppose all of us jingle lovers are stuck in the past in a way as we all love jingles that could be described as 'cheesy' or 'old fashioned' today.
    Rather than throwing cassettes away I hope people remember that there can still be a good home for them.
  • Thanks S-T ... intriqueing - just shows that "everyone has a story to tell" :)

    Here's something for you to have a quick gander at...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    All of those I got from the stations concerned during the late 1980s / early 90s.

    At some stage before too long, after "going all (WAV) digital", I was planning on giving away / selling / whatever my original Alfasound Collectors Cassettes collection - over 20 of the cassettes. I've still even got some Thompson Creative ones lurking somewhere.

    If you might be interested in any of them, I'm sure we could work something out :)

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