ANTENNE BAYERN returns to Wisebuddah

ANTENNE BAYERN in Southern Germany has a new custom jingle package from Wisebuddah in London.

The station has 10 donuts, six instrumental rhythmic shotguns, new show themes, and a full suite for news and service.

Stephan Schöpf, Head of Production/Sounddesign for ANTENNE BAYERN said: “Wisebuddah always create packages that fit smoothly with our programming, and each time produce a modern sound for ANTENNE BAYERN. This is why for many years, we know the team will find new and exciting ways to evolve and outdo the last package, and this one is no exception – we’re very happy with the result.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Wisebuddah Phil Tozer added: “Working with ANTENNE BAYERN on a package that has Bavaria in its heart is always a pleasure…keeping the warm and traditional themes that make ANTENNE BAYERN such a recognisable sound, whilst evolving the sound to be fresh and contemporary is a great challenge.”

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Fun Radio (France) and Ö3 (Austria).

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