TM Studios sold to Dave Bethell, Chris Stevens and Greg Clancy

A new partnership of producers Dave Bethell, Chris (UK) Stevens, and Greg Clancy has bought TM Studios in Dallas from Cumulus Media’s Westwood One.

The three former and current employees at the company have created Major Triad Media and completed the deal on the 30th Anniversary of the merger between TM Productions and Century 21 Productions, which became TM Century, Inc., a predecessor to TM Studios.

Dave Bethell says: “From listening to TM jingles on my local radio station in England when I was a kid to becoming a fan, I’ve always wanted to work for TM. Eventually it was the place where I had my big jingle break back in 2005.

“I’ve written and produced for TM Studios continuously ever since. As co-owner I’m excited to tell the next chapter of TM’s incredible story with our perfect new partnership.”

Chris Stevens, who also owns Ignite Jingles, says: “I’m so excited to be part of the team to take TM’s legendary name into a new chapter, and from my home country, no less.

“It’s been fifteen years since I originally relocated from London to Dallas to work with TM. It is a dream come true to become part of the new ownership team.

Greg Clancy adds: “I vividly remember watching my dad sing in TM vocal sessions as a kid and had my first vocal session at TM as a 12-year old boy. I began singing for Tom Merriman and Jim Kirk at 23, straight out of college.

“Just imagine what this moment means to me. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and can’t wait to grow and extend the TM legacy.”

TM Studios will continue to work with Westwood One, with a multi-year agreement to serve as exclusive barter representative to seamlessly serve existing clients.

Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing, CUMULUS MEDIA and President, Westwood One added, “Greg, Dave, and Chris each have a special and unique history with TM Studios. They are the perfect team to lead TM through its next incarnation. We look forward to the magic they will create and to continued success working with them.”

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