It’s New Jingles Monday for many radio stations

New jingles are airing on numerous radio stations around Europe for the first Monday of 2020.

ReelWorld has been tweeting about new jingle packages launching in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and more, whilst Capital of Media says national radio stations BNR and NPO Radio 2 are kicking off with new jingles from Strike.

NPO Radio 2 has new morning show audio and BNR has a complete new station sound.

In the UK, Chester’s Dee 106.3 has rebranded to Chester’s Dee Radio and has a new custom package along with sister station Silk 106.9 from Ignite Jingles.

And BBC Local Radio stations are starting to roll out a new jingle package from ReelWorld, with BBC Radio Leicester going first.

We’ll add more information and audio examples here when we get them.

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