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LBC celebrating 40 years
  • NickySNickyS September 2013
    Nice to see LBC have created this little page with loads of jingle audio ahead of their anniversary.
    So what was your favourite jingle era? :-)
  • RobinBlamiresRobinBlamires September 2013
    The David Arnold material from the late 80s was commonly heard in my house living in London first time round.
    And the IQ Beats stuff from around 2005 brings back a few memories of the entertaining station it was under Chrysalis until Global came along and made it more serious sounding.

    The Jeff Wayne material is still very iconic and memorable 30 years onwards. Really enjoyable.
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins September 2013
    Nice find Nicky - my favourite era is 1979-80, mainly because I worked in the same building in Gough Square and very occasionally would be allowed to sit in the control room at LBC and play in the jingles at the end of a break, which in those days were all fired live by a tech op.
  • jonnojonno September 2013
    Jeff Wayne all the way for me !! I could just pick up LBC at my Grandmother's house on the hill overlooking the city of Portsmouth back in the 80s. They were on the air at the time and have been indelibly imprinted in my memory ever since.
  • mbmb September 2013
    I always think its simplified for the sake of making LBC look good, but the fact is LBC is not 40 as this is the LBC name under licence. LBC lost its licence to London News Radio operated by a totally different company - the name LBC even disappeared for several years from both FM and AM services. I know its a convoluted history but its the truth - if its 40 years of talk radio in London OK but not 40 years of LBC.

    I always think the David Arnold mid 80's package was brilliant as reused by Solent.
  • petewilsonpetewilson September 2013
    What a lovely little page....Nicely put together!
    The 70's and 80's and actually the current Jingles are great.......But the 90's and most of the 00's were awful!
    Well done Global for creating a nice bit of Nostalgia!
    Now wouldn't it be good if other (ILR and BBC) stations did similar to mark their anniversaries! =P~
  • SpoonsSpoons September 2013
    Good find. Love the original Jeff Wayne stuff and I have a fondness for the Crown FM material. But my faves have to be the late 80s set from David Arnold. WHAT a news intro!

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