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KFAB 1997 Jingles
  • ksapergiaksapergia August 2012

    While going through a tape of some radio airchecks I recorded in the 90s, I came across a couple jingles for KFAB, Omaha, from 1997. I was wondering if anyone knows who produced these, and if there's a demo for the package they're from? Here's a link to a montage of the jingles:

    Thanks for your help.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Kelly Sapergia
  • OnyxPaulOnyxPaul August 2012
    Sounds like Tony Griffin?
  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    Sorry Kelly, this is just a guess, it sounds like Axcess Broadcast Services to me…

    I would have to check demos be certain, I`m not at home at the moment but will check on my return and get back to you.
  • Does sound like Axcess to me too...
  • tyty21tyty21 August 2012
    another person who says this sounds like a TGP package, because on another check of this cut, for WOKV, another classified it as TGP. this was also done for 870 WWL in New Orleans at one point.
  • cosgrovebmcosgrovebm August 2012
    This is a TGP package. I honestly can't remember the name of it. I used to know it. I may have the demo at home. I'll post later if I do. It was quite popular in the mid to late '90s. Off the top of my head, stations that used it include WWL and WOKV (as mentioned)... WORD in Greenville, SC, WLAC in Nashville, WBEN in Buffalo and others. As I recall, it was demoed for KMBZ in Kansas City.

    I also think there might have been some collaboration with Stephen Arnold Music (also of Dallas). If you're not familiar with Stephen Arnold, he's one of the leading producers of television news music here in the states.

    To me, the TGP package always sounded very similar to Arnold's "Counterpoint."

  • ksapergiaksapergia August 2012

    Thanks for all the responses. I listened to the Counterpoint demo from Stephen Arnold Music, and it does sound similar to the TGP jingles.
    Speaking of Axcess Music, did they do any other packages? I've got demos for WCBS, WWJ and KNX.


    Yours Sincerely,
    Kelly Sapergia
  • BarrasBarras August 2012

    Hi Kelly,

    I have the following Axcess in my collection for trade...

    4377 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – WWWJ Detroit, Michigan (News Radio - 14:12)
    4500 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – KNX “All You Need To Know” (News package)
    4501 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – WCBS “More Than Just The Headlines”
    4516 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – WODS Boston (Custom – 58:25 – 1990)
    4517 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – WODS Boston (Custom Oldies 1991)
    4519 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – WODS Boston (Oldies 103 – 39:34)
    5579 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES –WARX “Oldies 106.9” Haggerstown MD
    6803 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Extra 104 Washington 1988 demo
    6804 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Country 106 demo
    6805 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Oldies 1989 demo (Oldies 103)
    6806 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Oldies 1990 demo (Oldies 103)
    6807 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Oldies 1991 demo (Oldies 103)
    6808 AXCESS BROADCAST SERVICES – Oldies 1992 demo (Oldies 103)

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