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[adult swim] Jingles
  • jkthedjjkthedj August 2012
    Proving once and for all that there's NOTHING that Can't be found on the internet, I come across this series of TV bumpers for "Cartoon Network's" [adult swim] that crosses 1960s style jingles with bizarre imagery (I'll figure out a way to "Soundcloud" them later)...

    Now after watching all of them, here's the Million Dollar Question...Are the singers JAM/PAMS, Johnny Mann, or an In-house company? (I honestly don't know, but I think we can rule out everyone else.)
  • My bet's on an in-house company singing the jingles...
  • kolosskoloss August 2012
    Interesting...they sound like Johnny Mann - They are still doing accapellas like that. But those are like really dry or no reverb--
    There were some on Family Guy years ago as well.
    The girl with the glasses sing I've heard sung 'money music & fun or music in the morning - something like that

    (btw on J Manns website one of the singers of note is Don Shelton still singing!)
  • Hmmmmmmm.... now that you think about it, koloss, it does sound like Johnny Mann... However, I don't think it's really them singing. Still puzzled....
  • jkthedjjkthedj August 2012
    Here now is a montage of all the clips (And I hope I'm embedding this right)...

    [adult swim] Jingles by jkthedj
  • kolosskoloss August 2012
    They could be parodies of J Mann cuts; but they sure sound similar musically
    ( which is an awful thing to say if they were indeed J Mann's work, but you know what I
    It seems the jingles J Mann is doing now are still top notch-- His singers may vary a bit is my guess too.

    Have a look at this page- to the 8th video down; J Mann singers session clip-
    Ahh the things I find looking for things I didn't know about :)

    This is just an aside - as the jingles & imaging got longer everyone sits stonefaced waiting for them to end

  • tcarmantcarman August 2012
    Sounds like KenR's group.

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