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7 UP jingles
  • GrizzbrGrizzbr August 2012
    There have been many posts regarding the Coca Cola Jingles done back in the late 60's. What I'm trying to locate are two "soda pop" jingles which can be found on two specific Chicago Radio airchecks from WCFL.
    The first is a Pepsi Cola jingle found on an aircheck from 5/15/73 on Dick Saint's 10PM show which sounds an awful like Johnny Rivers singing..."you've got a lot to live and Pepsi's got a lot to give".

    Secondly, a 7UP jingle from an aircheck on 7/28/70 on Scotty Brink's afternoon show which goes "7UP, 7UP, 7UP the uncola...."
    Anyone aware of whether these exist today?
    Thank You.
  • bobgreenradiobobgreenradio August 2012
    the 7up jingles were first class. in fact, the 'wet & wild" cuts were so good, i would punch up 'freebes' for them in the hour just to hear the jingles again. coke was great stuff too. coke (then) was a local buy. we had a plant a few miles away. not so for 7up. i dont know who produced them but i do know they were part of the pepper trade deal. the thing was, they were just to good to be made by pepper, haha.
    uncola and the cola nut came much later
  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS August 2012
    The memorable "7 Up, the Un-cola" jingle was sung by the guys from The Cyrkle (whose hits included Red Rubber Ball, Turn Down Day and others).
  • GrizzbrGrizzbr August 2012
    thanks for the comments. Yes indeed they are the "wet and wild" cuts and are awesome. The Cyrkle?- I didn't know that but like their 1966 hits.

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