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Music 4 "The Pigeon" Cuts
  • petewilsonpetewilson July 2012
    Hi All,

    As we all know Chris Moyles is off to that Truely Local Station "The Pigeon" in October......:-))
    Did anybody manage to record the new Jingles he played on the Breakfast Show a few weeks back (during the Fearn Cotton Handover)?
    I didn't get round to doing it within the 7 days (on the BBC I-Player) !


  • BigdaveBigdave July 2012
    I think I might know who may have been influential in some part of these,and I should be catching up with him some time towards the end of the week.

    If he is ,I'll report back...
  • IanIan July 2012
    Can someone please explain this?
    I don't hear the man very often so have no knowledge.
  • BarrasBarras July 2012
    "Hi I`m wacky DJ Chris Moyles brand new at The Pigeon, join me Saturday nights for our crazy 80`s dance party..."


  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    Lmao - this is really rude -- the jingles - mornings three days a week ...Slightly off mike fashion tips - very funny impromptu stuff about (I am assuming) Uk local radio--
    Being in the US - have not heard much of the show - just clips; I see by this article he has his haters lol
  • The instrumental track based around Scott Mills "Big Fact Hunt" item from the mid-00s.
  • LenGroatLenGroat July 2012
    And.. the BBC have to log everything they play..

    I wonder WHO might be getting the PRS royalties for the "The Pigeon" jingles?

  • simon_t123simon_t123 July 2012
    I had a chuckle @ the audio :) cheers Mr Barras ...
  • simon_t123simon_t123 July 2012
    ... especially 'Distorted Dennis' on travel, so true !
  • BarrasBarras August 2012

    I had a chuckle @ the audio :) cheers Mr Barras ...

    No problem simon….

    Thing is, for us “punters” out there listening to the Radio 1 breakfast show and whether you like or hate Chris Moyles, he`s going to be a big miss in this wacky world of jingles and jingle collecting melarky. Chris has always liked the use of the “sung jingle” in his radio shows and this has gone on since he started in broadcasting.

    I remember On The Pulse he had a great JAM jingle which apparently he bought himself (haven`t got it in-the-clear) I`ll see if I can find the aircheck copy.

    When at Luxembourg he used a wide variety of jingle audio i.e. sung jingles, drops, liners, sweepers etc..

    Here`s some of the Chris Holmes (aka Chris Moyles) liners he did for Thanet Radio Hit FM in Kent…

    CHRIS HOLMES HIT FM by DavidBarras

    As I say, I know there will be some people reading this who dislike Moyles but IMHO the man has been a great advocate of the “sung jingle” in British radio, whether local or national, I wish him the best of luck for the future and long may the “sung jingle” rule !
  • petewilsonpetewilson August 2012
    Totally agree with you David...Some of his early "JAM Rip-Offs" were excellent and at the end of September no more sung Jingles on Radio One.....So I certainly won't be tuning in after then...unless of course this Nick Grimshaw (whoever he is) is a massive Jingle Anorak and has loads of new Sung Jingles! :-))
    Incidentally why did Chris Moyles call himself "Holmes" on Luxy??
    I'm guessing Moyles is his real name after watching that "Who Do You Think You Are" TV Programme.
  • RobinBlamiresRobinBlamires August 2012
    So it's not just me who found the JAM rip-offs amusing. (And melodically impressive). "The Best Sound In Bridlington!" ;-)

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