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Let's talk Jam!
  • jc_djmacjc_djmac July 2012
    Hey Guys, I came Across a demo that was produced for fresh in NY called "Fresh N.Y." I actually have a Jam demo CD which contains all of the jam packages, not to mention "Home Of The Hits" and "Do It Again" which was produced for WCBS-FM in NY. here is the link to the Jam demo page:
    Do you all remember the day when CBS-FM Swich to Jack-FM in 2005? I do, but thank God CBS-FM is back, playing all of the hits, and of cource, airing the jingles from the best Jingle Company in the Dallas market, Jam! I also remembered when DRQ in Detroit had a package produced by Jam called "Hot Wired." Unfortunatly, the station is no longer DRQ, it is now Doug-FM. anyways, Let's talk more Jam! if you are a huge fan of Jam like I am, then share your thoughts/opinions about Jam and their Packages!

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