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new collection of jingles and ID's in the works!
  • tyty21tyty21 July 2012
    hi there. yes, as you guys may have noticed, i've taken a brake on my road trip montage from the trip from summer, because i have other projects in the works, one of them being jinglemad related, and i need some serious help! just so i won't have to google so much. If you remember the dan o'day thread where he posted a collection of jingles and ID's from 1987 to 89, i was thinking of doing something similar! i'm going to go back even further! i'm thinking of going back to the 20's or 30's, and go forward even further, taking it up to the current ID's. so, it's 1920's and 30's ID's to current. if anyone has any airchecks between that timeline, that would be great! so far, i'm thinking of the US and canada, but the olympic games in london has me thinking, go worldwide! so any checks would be great! remember 1920's or 30's, to 2012 ID's. if i do worldwide, i'm thinking more along the lines of UK checks. thanks in advance!
  • wixy1360wixy1360 July 2012
    Um...did "IDs" per se really exist in the 20s and 30s - certainly not "jingles" as we know them, although pre-1960s/late 50s "musical identifications" (often performed live by "house bands", e.g. KLIF Dallas comes to mind) DO exist.

    Also, not exactly a lot of people ABLE to "aircheck" anything at home back then (unless shellac disks in station studios etc). As for the UK - only WAS the BBC then really.

    A while back Mr Barras did a Post about a late 60s/70s LP entitled "The World of Medium Wave Stations (Medium Waveband being effectively 530 kHz to 1600 kHz or so to those outside the US parlance of "AM" which is really the modulation method used on those frequencies rather than the use of wavelength "metres").

    The background of that LP might be a good starting-point if you want to start "deep searches" on the Web for earlier material pre-late 50s worldwide, which is when things really took off for our kind of audio world. Also, any old "directory" books such as old World Radio TV Handbooks for at least station names / long-established broadcasters around the world.

    For UK stuff pre-1973 (when LEGAL "commercial" radio arrived in the shape of "Independent Local Radio", which now barely exists, but thats another topic...), we've all got bucketloads of offshore pirate-era jingles and airchecks, and websites abound with that stuff and of the slightly earlier offshore stations in places like The Netherlands or even the much earlier "European" stations that broadcast to other countries that didn't have/allow commerial broadcasting (e.g. try "Radio Nordeney".

    I won't provide any specific links - there's just too much "out there"! - but just chuck a few appropriate words in to any search engine and I know you'll find a colossual amount of info, history, and audio!

    Sounds like a a really fascinating project though!

    PS - "London" and "Olympics" - a subject much discussed by JMers and others away from this particular forum - especially the fact that ALL of the UK ("Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales" to quote a well-known Radio One JAM paying £billions of megabucks for something that will only "benefit" a few in "London, England" (and some very well-known US corporate junk-food "sponsors" ...RrrrrGrrrrhhh! :-W )
  • tyty21tyty21 July 2012
    the 20's and 30's ID's, they were liners only, found a few in some places. but yes, 60's, 70's, an80's were pritty much a time when radio jingles really started to take shape.

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