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  • AH3RDAH3RD July 2012
    This is from TM Productions; it was used for 6 years by my local CBS-TV afilliate, WWL-TV Channel 4. I made a similar request in the TM Prods. thread, but found no replies, so I'm trying again here. Does it still exist? And if so, does anyone have an MP3? :/
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2012
    Was this package actually title BEST THINGS IN LIFE? I know there was a radio spot in 1975 claiming the BEST THINGS IN LIFE are in Cleveland. No station affiliation it was generally followed by a station id, usually WGAR.
  • AH3RDAH3RD July 2012
    It is according to the TM PRODUCTIONS JINGLE PACKAGE MASTER LIST 1967-1990, as listed on Check it out:
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2012
    WOW! Great tool to have. Thanx for sharing that. I'll keep looking for that package too.
  • AH3RDAH3RD July 2012
    Looking very much forward to hearing it (again), Joe! :-D
  • AH3RDAH3RD August 2012
    Footnote: it was also used by WWL-TV's sister station, Lafayette ABC afilliate KATC-TV Channel 3, as evidenced in this news intro here:
  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    I suggest you get in touch with Tracy Carman, TC used to sell TM dubs for about 25 US Dollars, not sure if TC is still selling or not these days but no harm in asking….

  • AH3RDAH3RD August 2012
    Is he perchance on this very board? :/
  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    Tracy is a regular poster on Jinglemad…

    Checkout the Media Preservation Foundation website…

    You can email Tracy on the MPF site……
  • AH3RDAH3RD August 2012
    Already did so! :^)
  • tcarmantcarman August 2012
    The TM masters from mid-1979 back were disposed of by TM prior to our arrival on the scene. Unfortunately, the WWL-TV masters you're looking for are included in them.

    The demo reel is around, I'm sure, but packed away as we're determing exactly which warehouse space we're permanently setting up the tapes in. Due to little obstacles, like last years tornado, most of the tapes are boxed-up or sitting on pallets. So... once we sit down with the landlord and consolidate the three locations the tapes are located in our massive complex, they'll be arranged and shelved.
  • AH3RDAH3RD August 2012
    Crud... :-<
  • AH3RDAH3RD September 2012
    Oh, well...guess the demo's better than nothing. :-D
  • AH3RDAH3RD September 2012
    Here at least is ONE of the WWL-TV masters which still exist out there:

  • BarrasBarras September 2012
    Shock, horror...looks like the engineer is smoking a cigarette... [-X
  • AH3RDAH3RD October 2012
    I came back to see how things were progressing...
  • AH3RDAH3RD January 2013
    Barras said:

    Shock, horror...looks like the engineer is smoking a cigarette... [-X

    The engineer is Henry Silva, BTW...

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