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Tony Blackburn Show
  • Following on from a consolidation of my JAM Radio One material, I already have all Pre-JAM material including the packages missing from the Jumbo CD. I wonder if anyone has a copy of the Tony Blackburn Show jingles?
    You'll hear much more on the Tony Blackburn show
    It's in the air, the Tony Blackburn show
    Kicks off the day, a pleasure to play, so stay with the Tony Blackburn show
    When things get tough, here's what to do, get lively, get with it get happy on the Tony Blackburn show
    Where ever you go, whatever you do, stay with the Tony Blackburn show
    There may be more but it would be nice to hear these strangely A-tonal cuts by "The New Faces?" once again and would make the radio one archive more complete. I am happy to trade.
  • According to Blackburn himself those were recorded pre-Radio 1 at the "Tin Pan Alley" studios. The Channel 4 documentary "The Real Tony Blackburn" claimed he was the first man to introduce the personalised sung name jingle to British radio.
  • MarkSMarkS July 2012
    Please check you email Norman...
  • Thanks Mark I had completely forgotten "When your travelling along". I am new to the site but I can already see it works wonders!
  • petewilsonpetewilson July 2012
    Are these the same cuts that featured on one of Ken R's CD's Norman?
    Coz I can't remember that one either "When You're travelling along" :-?
    Does anybody know who the singer's were back then in 1964 at "Tin Pan Alley" ?
    I once heard a rumour they were the same singers used by Johnny Johnstone for most of his classic TV Commercial Jingles.....
  • Mark's travelling cut is rough off air to illustrate only.
    I heard TB call the singers "The New Faces" once. His others are from KenR (i.e. from me!) but he has one good clean cut from elsewhere.
  • petewilsonpetewilson July 2012
    Thanks for that Norman......It was 1965 (not 1964) wasn't it?
    Must of cost TB a small fortune even back then for that "Package" ;-)
    Can you remember who produced those "un-aired" Radio London Jingles back in 1964 ?
    Someone really needs to write a book on the History of UK Jingles! :-))
  • I am not sure who made the unaired package, but I think they may want to keep quiet about it - they are so dire, I wasn't sure of the timing of them either, how did they know it was going to be Wonderful Radio London as an ID, since that was probably PAMS' idea. I got my dub from Paul Peters in the late 60s he might know.
  • BTW have you any idea how long ago it was we first traded! You sent me a steptoe & son spoof! :0
  • BarrasBarras July 2012
    Remember Pete`s Jinglegrams ?

    Tony Blackburn started #19 and the Florida airchecks April 1993 were from me, on our first holiday to Orlando, small world isn`t it ! :)

    PETE WILSON JINGLEGRAM #19 by DavidBarras
  • petewilsonpetewilson July 2012
    I think it was about 25 years ago Norman!
    That brings back the memories David :-))
    Anyway for anyone who hasn't heard the "Un-Aired" Original Radio London Jingles from 1964...Here they are in all their Glory!!
    I wonder which way British Radio had gone if these had been used.....Hey EMISON might of still be around today! ;))

    UNKNOWN - Radio London (1964) by ukjingles

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