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Who does this jingle?
  • dogman849dogman849 July 2012
    This is off air circa 1994 from WPNT FM in Chicago (now WILV).

  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    I alway wondered about these as well. I recall someone had these in their jingle list as 'unknown producer' There was just something not quite right about the jingles lol or maybe it was just that they sounded so different from Jam.
    The station changed names from 100.3 the point to FM 100- They dumped Jams Q cuts and Right on Q for these
    The first audio clip is how they sounded with Jam's Q cuts- when they signed on;
    the second clip is almost three years later with the jingles you're asking about--

    WPNT Chicago 1992 by koloss8

    WPNT Chicago 1994 by koloss8

  • I'm not sure about those 1994 jingles myself, but I'm guessing it might have been Otis Conner? Never heard these jingles before....
  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    Yes; You're right - maybe Otis Conner; listening again It does sound like their music/style- the voices sound to be pretty much the Dallas group (et al )of the time--if not some of those voices sound to be still singing.
  • TommyTommy July 2012
    Could it have been Groove Addicts? I noticed a few Groove elements so I did a quick search and the only clue was this CD cover (but no audio) -- .. Check out Track 9.
  • Hmmmm... could not have been Groove Addicts judging by the CD cover from 1997. Still puzzled...
  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    Thanks Tommy & Diana -Groove Addicts did the later packages for them; including when they changed to loveFM(those jingles were A++) when did Groove come into existance? maybe it was an early thing for them. It was 1994.
    I was not sure that Groove used the general Dallas area singers either- the vocal mix sounds like TM (of the time) And for that matter I was not sure if/when Otis Conner was still in business in 93. Thompson was starting out as well -- I even thought Ben Freedman by the way the vocals sounded, but if they we're his he would still be selling them in 2012 :)
    I'd be curious to hear that 1997 Groove package however. I think I have more airchecks and the imaging and jingles kinda went downhill, mostly they lost the format direction.
    I always like a clean copy of stuff and you usually have to know who did it to find one lol.

    As long as we brought up Groove- Here's some Love Fm cuts
    this threads taking a turn lol

    WILV Chicago Love fm jingles '04 by koloss8
  • dogman849dogman849 July 2012
    Hey Koloss: Did those 1994 WPNT Christmas jingles come from Christmas Day 1994?
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2012
    I'd take a stab at guessing the FM100 WPNT cuts way up above were done by a smaller company in Minneaoplis, Reel Good or from Silvertree in San Diego. They both had that sort of male vocal group.
  • amigoamigo July 2012
    The 1994 jingles include some Jam cuts. Mercury Xtra had one of them re-sung in 1995.
  • BarrasBarras July 2012
    At #1915 in my radio ID collection is the Hi Qume package for “100.3 The Point”, here`s a sampler of those jingles…

    JAM – WPNT “100.3 The Point” Chicago, IL (Hi Qume)

    JAM WPNT sampler by DavidBarras

    Download my jingle-list here:

    To jingle-trade email:
  • amigoamigo July 2012
    There are also some TM/Century cuts in there as well as the Jam stuff. What a mixture!
  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    Prior to the cuts in question; WPNT used 3 Jam packages Q cuts - Right on Q & High Qume; I think all at once --and boy did they play alot of jingles!
    As they segued into the fm 100 moniker they phased out the Jam cuts (1994)

    Its was FM 100 cuts no one seems to know who did; As this thread was started; though
    I think I found it in Barras's List (at #416) - By Ironically the company "Who Did That Music" - the predecessor of sorts to Groove Addicts-- :)
  • kolosskoloss July 2012
    Well Dogman & others on this thread; The who does that music cuts were not the ones; those were a subsequent package. Maybe I'm leaning toward this indeed an obscure custom TMCI ?
  • I don't know for a fact, but it REAAAALLLLLLLLY sounds like the Otis Conner vocals. They were QUITE unique.
  • cosgrovebmcosgrovebm July 2012
    Man... I could listen to those great JAM vocals from Q Cuts, Right on Q and High Qume all day long. Just fabulous!

  • tyty21tyty21 July 2012
    OK, let me put in my bit. at first it sounded something sort of tm-ish, sort of WRVR maybe? however, as i listened, it does sound more like conner.
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2012
    Otis C did a "FM100" package in the mid 1980's, for KKDA Dallas. The legal was based on the "You" package. By 1994 Otis was out of the ID biz, turning things over to Axcess. Their last package was done about 1990.
  • glenglen July 2012
    Is Axcess still in the jingle business??
  • jinglejoejinglejoe July 2012
    According to my sources, no. (he was a sales rep at OC and Axcess).
    Now back to the mystery 1994 package. Going though my jingle lists I find WPNT listed as FM100 package by WHO DID THAT MUSIC, on their capabilities CD of 1994-95, Also it is listed as WPNT by GROOVE ADDICTS on their cd of 1997-98. Listened to them both and the WHO DID... package is close but as there was no top of hour id, I could not match it to the aircheck at the top of this post.

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