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New Ailment: a bad attack of the jingles...
  • BarrasBarras June 2012
    Victor Lewis Smith has been to his doctor with an ailment that affects a lot of people reading these Jinglemad threads, Victor has a bad attack of the jingles… :-D

  •! :O
  • glenglen June 2012
    Is there any cure??
  • yes.

    harvard medical says the best cure is to get the large can of PAM and spray well!
    wait 10 minutes. check your "TM-peture", and call dr. freedman in the morning.
    expect a bill too. -yes; i know, for what?-
    if that fails? just join the reelworld, gross out on a big lid of jam and hope for iqbeats
    all else fails, brandy works well. just caution snorting pepper
  • wixy1360wixy1360 June 2012
    Or for those of a more "mystic" or meditative inclination than science-based remedies,
    they could always consult a ... Wise Buddah :-D

    (...I'll get my coat...)
  • BarrasBarras June 2012
    Ha ! I like that Bob, well thought out...

    Ahhh, yes, the Wise Buddah Iain !

    I can only suggest, if you get a bad attack of the jingles, you need to call Dr Don Rose in jingle heaven.
  • ahh yes, sweet ole dr don. he surely would cure in less than 2 laughs. what a dear man.
    who knows? don might have a connection at the local drug store for a large 's2b'?

    but read all directions, and always see a wise buddah as your backup.
  • wixy1360wixy1360 June 2012
    Ironically, one of the internet stations run by NRJ France is called ..."Zen"...
    Hummmmmmmmmmm! :)
  • you know, thats not a bad idea. think about it. if the cost of programming gets to high, they can always jack in some good old 60 cycle......for free!

    i bet it would be quite popular in france :-?
  • jonnojonno June 2012
    in France surely that would be 50 cycles?
    deeper hummmmmmmmmmmmmm ;-)
  • wixy1360wixy1360 June 2012
    Indeed, and not only 50Hz but 220V RMS nominal +/- 6% instead of 115V !
    (higher amplitude sinewave lower-pitched Hummmmmmmmmmmmm!)

    Er....I've forgotten what we're supposed to be blethering about now......! :-))
  • This concludes the 50Hz test on JingleMad. Hopefully the bad attack of the jingles is cured... ;)
  • Cure it? What the Heller we talking about?

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