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The long goodbye speeds up
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    Next week, CBC's Radio Canada International sign's off for the last time, Then Radio Netherlands goes, and on July 1 Vatican Radio ends. What's left for sw from Europe not much..BBC World Service, Voice of Russia, and a few of the old warsaw pact nations but that's about it.
    As the heller's sing It's a shame what's happened to radio but they can't afford to do it anymore.
    Jonathan Marks had top format do several jingles in Dutch for Radio Nederlands..anyone have those?
  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS June 2012
    That's sad. Glad I got my QSL cards in the 60s when the SW dial was loaded!
  • AndyWAndyW June 2012
    I worked in international broadcasting for a while at the BBC World Service. We also used to do transmissions for the likes of VOA, CBC, RTI, Deutsche Welle, even RTE. Possibly in the last years before Short Wave started to decline. Those Short Wave transmitters were massive beasts. Some could do 500Kw. Then there was the story of renting a 2.4Kw Medium Wave transmitter in Russia which turned out to be 2.4Mw.
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    My first radio job was working at WNYW Radio New York Worldwide..later I ended up as being a voice over guy for Radio Netherlands, and last but not least doing voice work for Vasilly's weekend on Radio Moscow as the cold war ended.
    Got most of mine in the 60's as well..finished collecting qsls in the 80s,,,
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    speaking of bbc world service..want your own studio. bid here.
  • SeanMartinSeanMartin June 2012

    speaking of bbc world service..want your own studio. bid here.

    I know where I'll be on auction day :)

  • As a teenager in London, I used to listen on SW to WNYW, it must have been 1968-70. Loved the grandiose yet friendly presentation. And loved all the NAB jingles and dramatic TOH. Great times.

    "educate, syncopate, radio communicate, radio - the sound of year round pleasure "
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    Robert Hall productions for the Top of the Hour and the ny news intro at the 1/2 hour plus the spliced long Interval Signal..The other production elements were from different old style mor lps.. Where else could you hear great voice guys like Les Marshak and Abc Tvs Ken Lamb at the start of their careers.
  • Here's a promo they sent over, together with QSL to a school pal at the time

  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    What you have here is classic wnyw history. The voice on that promo is Les Marshak, the NAB logo was used as the close of dxing worldwide. The other voice is Steve Grayson who hosted dxing worldwide for many years. The final network WNYW was affiliated with was CBS.
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    and across the hall from WNYW you had this famous nyc fm you can't quess who did these jingles..
  • Sounds like Anita kerr or heller?
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    Anita Kerr is win ..... absolutely nothing... congratulations..
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    My local radio station, happened to be WNYW..yeah I listened to WABC, but ..and OR FM..later worked their during the Sebastian Stone days.
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    Radio Canada International is now history, last night was the last shortwave broadcast from an international radio station in Canada..Sackville is now historyl
  • buckshotbuckshot June 2012
    Perhaps not an "international radio station" but CKMX 1060 AM in Calgary, Alberta Canada continues to broadcast at 6030 kHz, as far as I know. It features a "Classic Country" format.
  • loujosephsloujosephs June 2012
    as does CFRX the sw side of CFRB with all talk..rough to hear..
  • wixy1360wixy1360 June 2012
    Always nice to see JMers from a while back still visit! :)

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