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Help me choose a jingle package for our radio station!
  • kramkram May 2012
    Hi everybody,

    I'm a pd of a radio station in Minnesota, USA. We're just a small station, but we're looking to sound big. So, I'd like to get some jingles to supplement our imaging.

    We are a AAA format. So kind of a Pop / Hot AC, but nothing really bubble gum-y or super hard, and a lot of guitar driven stuff. We're not big on hype either.

    Check out our playlist.

    Our budget isn't big, maybe $1200, I might be able to get more.

    Our log is KRAM 96.7 or "cram 96 point 7"

    I've done a little research and I like TM Studios / Studiodragonfly's FIVE package.

    And maybe add a weather bed to it.

    What do you think? What other packages would be awesome? I'd love to hear your opinions.

  • passajoupassajou May 2012
    Can I send you an email?
  • kramkram May 2012
  • tyty21tyty21 May 2012
    if i were you, you can't go wrong with a little jam in there! if you have a legal, try to put a city/county sing in there! you know i'm a sucker for those!
  • kramkram May 2012
    I know what you mean!

    On the FIVE package, cuts 4 and 5 do "Montevideo Music, KRAM 96.7!"

    I was thinking of adding a weather bed of Big Time Radio cut 15

    "Fiesta City Weather --- KRAM 96.7"

    I'm open to other suggestions too!
  • mbmb May 2012
    ll a couple of ideas from TM Direct hit some great zippy cuts with some oomph, amped for Q102 sounds awsome, I also really like the Twister, also love 97.3 wfla the coast lots of quick tracks with good lyric options and opportunities.
    From JAM pick n mix from the Z100 packages- they'll sound fantastic on air but the budget might be tough, As someone who bought quite a few Hot Wired cuts I think they work well, or hit power - but i MUCH prefer the Beacon Radio resings than the power 92 demo. And there are some great Thompson packages too.
  • Standby......and cue Sean Martin:
  • A AAA station with jingles? I'd not spend the money. Jingles would sound horrible on a AAA format.
  • are you in a diary or non rated market? If you are in a diary you want a strong top of the hour and good call letters and frequency. With the music you play the tm stuff is going to sound somewhat funky.. Jam would be the best for will make your radio station..always did for mine.. Grove would be a good backup.
    Weather jingles..get a straight instrumental with a vocal tag. You want them to remember the station, call letters and frequency.. ppm is a much different ball game.
  • kramkram May 2012
    We're in a non-rated market. I appreciate the suggestions and comments.
  • figure you're going to what a fast a slow and a transitional jingle..a top of the hour plus a weather bed no need for a close tag,
    very workable but your budget will be your major issue.. look for jingles that will enhace the music you play..
  • kolosskoloss May 2012
    The five package may be too much; it kind of sounds dated; although your logo would work- your ending on a 7 (seh-vehhnn). TM's Amp'd or Wired are cool; but bigger $$ unless you can pick a few cuts. Solo voices and contemporary music would be great, (like the orig fresh from Jam) any jings you put on an AAA format is gonna stand out for sure; and in your smaller market it would be instantly noticed.
    Keep us posted!
  • BarrasBarras May 2012

    A AAA station with jingles? I'd not spend the money. Jingles would sound horrible on a AAA format.

    Even though I`m passionate about radio ID jingles, it`s been a hobby of mine for a dog`s age and I`ve been collecting them for 30+ years and heard radio ID jingles used in all formats, however, I`m with radioboy949 on this one, sung jingles just wouldn`t work on an AAA station, IMHO for this station, it`s the world of the voice talent with sweepers and liners.
  • kramkram May 2012
    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate all of them, including the ones that think I'm nuts! ;-) I know that jingles on a AAA are unorthodox to say the least, but I wanted to see what is out there, before I decide on one path or another.

    What do you think of the KS95 packages from Thompson Creative?

  • tyty21tyty21 May 2012
    there are a few points i agree with,
    1: usually tripple a stations don't use jingles, but i like you! just trying to step outside the box.
    2: if you do use jingles, TM or jam would be the perfect match! if possible, i'm thinking more along the lines of something like 70's station, additude control, or even evolver! heck, if evolver worked for KS95 in the twin cities, it might just work for you! as far as additude control, just get the vocal cuts, they're great!
  • mbmb May 2012
    Which KS95 package there are at least two? - i prefer the JAM KS95 Package - What about After Burner - another great package.
  • kramkram May 2012
    mb: I like the first KS95 package better.

    I'll download the packages you've all suggested. Thanks!

    Going on the 70's / classic hits theme. I've always loved Reelworld's WLOL package. I think that it might be the sound to shoot for.

    More thoughts?

  • what would buzz bennett do..he would say..go for just one fast jingle..
    go to a recording studio where you can play with an eventide harmonizer for your can do some serious sfx work with a harmonizer...
    think kcb q..
  • blubboblubbo May 2012
    As a programming guy, I would say your money is better spent on a solid voice guy that can do a some stuff that you're able to use and re-use for a long time. You'll need to replace your jingles in 3-4 years, but you can re-produce a voice guy session forever.

    If it were me, I'd concentrate on the Big Time series from TM/Studio Dragonfly. It's not flashy, but if you avoid the few cuts that have dated SFX, they'll hold up for years with no problem. There's also a bunch to choose from -- four "Big Time" packages, I think, plus the Kool series from TM (for KQQL in MSP) uses the same logo. You could build a nice package picking and choosing, or freshen it with new cuts from the other packages when you have the budget. It's also not a total 180 sound-wise from your playlist, which is important from a programming standpoint.
  • blubbo, youre on point. as for the tm bargin basement? no matter how you slice it figure a cut is $300. with a budget of $1200?? nope, not wise or effective.
    a great v.o. and maybe, that series of 'chunklets' benfreedman is selling, for a few sings, shouts, etc, provided an ability exists to cut stuff together well. and? therell be a few bucks left over for cake & ice cream
  • I had the 'FIVE' package resung via Studio Dragonfly for my non-stop:VIBE station, mainly as it was a fairly decent package but I guess an important factor was the cost, it was the cheapest package S.D had for purchase ... at the time in 2005 it sounded great but as I approached a launch for NSV they started to sound dated almost overnight so ... yes it's a great package but we launched with cuts from TM's 107 The Bee, Viking FM, Buzz Tracks & the 'FIVE' package was re-focused to wrap-around our retro 3plays & flashbacks & that's where the package really came into it's usefulness :) a good package overall, short & sweet but yeah a little dated so watch how it marrys to your format !

    I've attached our versions below, the standard cuts wrapped in a special remixed version produced via Chris Stevens / Devaweb ...

    NSV (FIVE Package) (Jones TM) by flamingoodmedia
  • kramkram May 2012
    Thanks for the comments!

    Here's a sample of what we currently have for imaging.

    KRAM 96.7 Imaging by JR6290

    Blubbo, it's funny that you mention the big time radio jingles. Those have to be some of my favorite packages. My favorite is the More Big Time Radio 0096, which isn't listed on their website anymore. It'd be cool to get these resung. I'll have to see how well it fits with our music.

    TM Century - More Big Time Radio 0096 by JR6290

    I also really liked JAM's afterburner package. However, they did sound a little dated like the FIVE package.
  • tyty21tyty21 May 2012
    if you do the more big time radio package, you could do cut 19!
  • Hi there, this package might work with your playlist. It was created for a classic rock network in The Netherlands, but there are some tracks that sound very modern, like Sugar Ray (Every Morning), Keane, Coldplay or Nickelback... It was produced by Top Format, they are represented by JAM in the states:
    Modern Classic Rock Top Format by MarcWiers
  • mjb1124mjb1124 May 2012
    I have to agree that putting jingles on a AAA station is a bold idea to say the least. But come to think of it, I think After Burner would actually work quite well. It's got the right amount of energy and edginess to it, without sounding too hyped up or too much like either dance-pop or arena rock, and it has a certain indescribable "male" feel to it which is good for AAA. It may be "dated" by CHR standards, but I think it fits well with the electronic/rock hybrid music heard on alternative stations today.

    That Top Format package does have tracks that would fit the format, but I find the vocals to be too over-the-top, especially for AAA which is supposed to be a more "adult" rock format. But maybe JAM could provide something a little more restrained over those tracks?
  • AdminAdmin May 2012
    I've programmed a number of Hot AC, AC and CHR stations so I know a thing or two when it comes to ordering jingles. You can add me to the list of people thinking jingles on an AAA station is a strange move!

    Have you considered the 2011 KDMX package from ReelWorld? It's a very guitar driven package that could possibly work on a AAA formatted station, even though it's designed for Hot AC. It features powerful male vocals that won't sound out of place. Personally I wouldn't go for the female vocals (not that there's anything wrong with them).

  • How are you getting on, Jacob?
  • kramkram May 2012
    I'm still deciding which direction to go.

    I think that the jingle package that would best suit KRAM would be Afterburner by Jam. I still really like TM's More Big Time Radio, and FIVE. But as other people have noted, budget is an issue.

    Right now, I've been exploring other options. I've been looking at several imaging libraries (buy-outs mostly). If I can find the right one for our sound, not too aggressive, not too sleepy, I think that I'll start working with that. Then I might add some shouts and chants to the mix of imaging.

    Any other ideas?
  • jc_djmacjc_djmac June 2012
    Have you herd of Jam? they mite be good! if not, , than try TM studios!
  • mjb1124mjb1124 June 2012
    Have you even read this thread? There's PLENTY of discussion of both companies!

    (but eh, why do I bother?)
  • haha, yes. why?

    lets all buy white canes and sun glasses. then join the parade!
    got to love it.......
    oy! X_X

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