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PAMS Solid Rock Demo
  • patlawpatlaw April 2012
    Am I correct that Fred Winston voiced the PAMS Solid Rock Demo?

    Listening to the demo, it is clear that someone added some processing to make it sound like WLS on the air. I assume Jon engineered it. Does anyone know the source of the godly tympani on the opening?

    Totally classic.
  • Indeed, it is Fred Winston. I could be wrong but I believe that the original "exploding tymp" was a Drake creation copied by PAMS and lots of stations who engineered their own versions. Here's a link to the cut.
  • patlawpatlaw April 2012
    Wow! Thanks for posting that. Is there a wav version? :)
  • I'm sure it's out there but the mp3 is all I've got.
  • JAM+%2F+PAMSJAM / PAMS April 2012
    Yes, the Solid Rock demo intro features the voice of Fred Winston. But the production of that piece was done in Chicago at WLS, so there's no tellling what he/they used for the tymp open. You'll also notice that the intro presentation is louder and more processed than the "now hear all the cuts" section which follows it. That's because the "cuts" section was added at PAMS. The mismatch always bothered me. Still does. Same thing with the horrible "Energy One" demo... front end made by the station with tons of processing, then the "all the cuts" come on and sound flat by comparison. Of course they were awful anyway, but that's another story!
  • patlawpatlaw May 2012
    Jon, thanks for that information. I always thought that it was done at WLS. It has to be my favorite demo of all. Fred Winston was and is such a super talent.

    Regarding the Solid Rock Vol. II Song, who is the female vocalist who sings, "Going to a ballgame, talking on the telephone..."? I've listened to this cut so many times!
  • kolosskoloss May 2012
    Set the wayback machine to Feb '70-- can you say --tight-- :) I get chills

    WLS 2-70 half hour id by koloss8

    They used this tymp again in 1981 ahead of the TOH from, I think Am or Fm Jam package with Gary Gears voicing - The Rock of Chicago over it ---I'd need to find it off an aircheck. btw the late Gary Gears was an amazing voice over talent--

  • TABrownTABrown May 2012
    It was the Legal ID from the Outstanding package.
  • TABrownTABrown May 2012
    It was the Legal ID from the Outstanding package.
  • StarbrelzStarbrelz May 2012
    Odd that WLS used this ID (when they aired cuts from Outstanding and The Rock together in 80-81) but did NOT use the 3 Rock of Chicago jingles that were part of The Rock package. At least they used the Rock of Chicago jingle from Hot Kiis.
  • kolosskoloss May 2012
    They did not air a lot of jingles from Outstanding, The rock; AM; FM; etc. as I remember, they kind of tightened up the jingles about late '79, from a sort of play anything anytime approach ( like 8-10+ an hour including in between commercials) to about 4 an hour plus TOH & Jock; and one on the end of a promo--

    These were what made it on the air from Outstanding; I believe the musicradio 4th cut in won an award--
    1980 Outstanding by koloss8
    my this thread has taken a turn :)
  • StarbrelzStarbrelz May 2012
    I'll turn it more. Does anyone know if the any of the cuts from FM that sang 'FM95' were also done with 'AM89'? I know WLS-AM used a couple of the short cuts and a couple of the Music Radio cuts.
  • kolosskoloss May 2012
    These are the cuts from Jam's "FM" that made it on the air; the first 6 were used on the WLS-am only-( at the time they were mixed with other packages; AM & the Rock) the other 6 (that say fm95) were on the fm for about a year before they dropped the fm tag altogether.

    JAM -FM WLS aired cuts 1981 by koloss8

    I think the FM TOH was aired briefly, and a few of the other unused cuts were used later resung for other things--
    JAM FM WLS unaired cuts by koloss8
  • tyty21tyty21 May 2012
    did you know the 4th cut, i think, still gets played? on its fm station, instead of musicradio, they say, "the greatest hits!"
  • StarbrelzStarbrelz May 2012
    I think only the 1st MusicRadio WLS Chicago on AM actually aired as it was on the demo. FM used an FM95 version that wasn't on the demo. Then they used a series of edits before the Fresh Kiss ID.
  • StarbrelzStarbrelz May 2012
    (Sorry for dupe... I appear to be soundcloud challenged)
  • patlawpatlaw July 2012
    Thanks everyone for posting these packages. It's awesome to be able to hear these.

    I'm still reeling over the post of the EXPLODRUMs cut above. Just by chance, does anyone know where the drum cut (used twice in the Solid Rock Demo) came from?

    Fred Winston is @fredwinston on Twitter, if you're interested. I'm a big fan.

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