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Rockin' Ron Sedaille - All Request Saturday Night - WDRC FM
  • jonnojonno February 2012
    Hot news from Facebook... Ron Sedaille just posted.."Coming soon to an internet connection near you - All Request Saturday Night" :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd At last, we'll be able to listen to this great show in glorious stereo instead of having to use the Global Tuners website.
  • jonnojonno February 2012
    ....that's assuming of course that the stream is not going to be geo locked. Fingers crossed..
  • dianablanton1984dianablanton1984 February 2012
    Hmmmmmm.... I don't know if I should believe this or not. I think he is just tricking us! Any more thoughts, guys?
  • jonnojonno February 2012
    Through his YouTube videos, he has built up a band of followers far beyond the WDRC coverage area. I have noticed he is using Facebook more in his show for requests etc. as well now. I think he is taking his new internet listeners/fans seriously enough for this not to be a wind-up. I hope I'm right.
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    Check out Ron's show opener from last Saturday..
    Ron Sedaille Show Opener 24-3-2012 by jonno .

    @20" in... Turbo Z cut 10 B-) B-)

    @36" in... a mention that he will soon be on around the world at Sounds like the web stream could be with us soon =D>
  • Its not linked on the DRC site but the station has been streaming for a while with this link -
  • tyty21tyty21 March 2012
    i just heard the stream, and they just put a new spin on the toh end sing!
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    Its not linked on the DRC site but the station has been streaming for a while with this link -

    shame its a flash player (can't find a raw stream URL to add to my wifi radio).
  • Thanks for the heads-up, Neal. Just checked the stream, and it will even be better with Rockin' Ron Sedaille's show tonight as I type!!! :-bd
  • bossjockbossjock March 2012
    Yes - thanks Neil. I'm listening as I type this. A good quality link and "Saturday Salute to the 80s". I'm also looking forward to "All Request Saturday Night", but with the time difference here in the UK it won't start 'till midnight! (:|
  • tcarmantcarman March 2012
    Guess I'm lucky that Big D is 20 mins down the road from me! :)
  • jonnojonno March 2012
    can you see the flames shooting out of the fun tower? B-)
  • It's a good quality stream but if you ever get chance to hear the station over the air, 102.9 has really nice audio processing that really jumps out at you.
  • PPMPPM March 2012
    It's a good quality stream but if you ever get chance to hear the station over the air, 102.9 has really nice audio processing that really jumps out at you.

    The mike processing sounds superb on Rockin Ron's show. I would love to know what box they use to add that superb reverb which just makes the whole show sound amazing.

  • NigeNige March 2012
    Just email the engineer and ask him what unit they use.
  • simon_t123simon_t123 March 2012
    WOW a great stream and ... a Turbo Z cut, sounding FAB with Rockin' Ron there (as does the current DRC-FM top of hour cut !) good times :)
  • dogman849dogman849 March 2012
    If you want to go around the whole streaming page altogether, just paste the following link into your favorite online MP3 player...

    This is the direct link to the stream.
  • jonnojonno April 2012
    Thanks very much dogman849 that's exactly what I needed B-)
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012
    nice editing..good composite of what he does..and a great idea of the station as well.
  • SeanMartinSeanMartin April 2012
    Haha, so captivating that I can't bring myself to press the STOP button!! Keep on Rockin, Ron =D>
  • why is the Listen Live NOT on yet?
  • simon_t123simon_t123 April 2012
    A name-check in there for our very own Mr Nightingale :) Love the show and now there's a stream ... F.A.B :)
  • Even though DRC-FM now plays mostly tracks from the 1970s and 1980s, it is great to hear that Rockin' Ron's still at it, playing the great tunes every week! I had to listen in to bossjock's edited aircheck this morning (my time) and I couldn't turn away!
  • bossjockbossjock April 2012
    Yeah Diana, it got me too. Having spent quite a while editing it down, I started to play it back to check it was ok and ended up listened to the whole 39 minutes all over again!!
  • BigdaveBigdave April 2012

    A name-check in there for our very own Mr Nightingale :) Love the show and now there's a stream ... F.A.B :)

    Wondering who was listening online on Saturday night! I was on air in Chorley Saturday Night,and as I got in with my late tea, the show was just starting,so I burnt a bit of the midnight oil to listen to Ron!
  • RockinRonRockinRon April 2012
    THANK YOU ALL FOR THE KIND WORDS! I truly look forward to your participation in All Request Saturday Night on 102.9 DRC FM! Its nice to know that you enjoy the show!!

    Rockin' Ron
  • wixy1360wixy1360 April 2012
    I wondered when I saw that "RockinRon" had been logged as new JM username!

    Welcome to JM Ron - as you'll already know you've a lot of listeners on this side of the Pond (several of them posting above!) :)
  • Rockin' Ron Sedaille NOW on JingleMad too?!?!?! I'm going to faint!!!!

    I've had some weird dreams about Rockin' Ron joining JingleMad, and it appears that it came true! A side note: I dreamt that he posted one of his favorite classic PAMS jingles on this site, particularly the one entitled PAMS Series 17 "Latin Signature" cut, which he calls the "Rhumba" jingle. If you're reading this, I dare you NOT to post that jingle (or other variations of that jingle from past stations) in this thread!

    (sorry, got side-tracked there...)
  • WAVAWAVA April 2012
    Ron always puts on a good show at DRC.
    The guy should be a full-timer.
  • I listened for a while on Saturday night and in real time it seems Ron interrupts the jingles with oldies and commercials !
  • tyty21tyty21 April 2012
    welcome aboard, rockin' ron! i look forward to making a request this saturday, who knows, i may rep this site!
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012 Check this out.
    The old WMEX Pams and all of WBZ's heller something ron doesn't have yet cuts from Goldmine which we used on WROR's oldies show..
  • tcarmantcarman April 2012
    With the massive volume of other stuff in the PAMS library, Goldmine isn't what I'd be rushing to purchase cuts from...
  • tomobietomobie April 2012
    I agree. Ron should get some Goldmine trax. That package had some great cuts.
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012
    TC the toh and one of the solid gold solid gold jingles are the only things I would remake as they don't sound that dated....the rest of that package tended to be very thin...
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012
    Besides it's the only old PAMS thing that Floyd would like..
  • tcarmantcarman April 2012
    To me... the beauty of cherry picking old PAMS cuts is to get a wide variety of cuts that can fit all the format elements and eras of the music that you're playing. Goldmine was created to fit specifically the oldies format and designed as a grid. That is to say that there was a basic track (usually three or four instruments) with the singers singing a variety of different things that could be mixed to maximize the number of mixouts you can get from each track. Cost efficient... yes... but not as creative as a JET SET or RADIO AU GO GO cuts.
    Also... While I agree the toh cut is well done... I'd probably opt for a shorter one (like Philadelphia Story) or the one from the JAM WPEN Custom (Backseat Music). There are loads of options between the libraries of PAMS/JAM. Of course, I like TM's Phase II toh, too.
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012
    Phase II on DRC would be a serious hoot, as these were aired in the market back when WPOP was competition on AM...truly funny..and they do sound good in stereo.
    All depends on your budget..
  • yeah. theres just something special about a 'work-horse' package. 26, 27, 29, 32 a fair bit of 34 were just that. philly story was ok, not as broad (which brings the pepper philly package to mind-quite good-for pepper) and i have to admit i liked the "where its good again" energy at the end. tm 47 was ok too. these are all great foundations.
  • BigdaveBigdave April 2012
    Why am I singing in my head to You've Got It Cut 30...

    " 102 point 9!.....W-D-R-C..... It's Rockin' Ron! With All Requests On Saturday Night!....Rockin' Ron! All Request Saturday Night!.... D-RC F-M!" :)
  • jack daniels? ;-)
  • Terry+HawkesTerry Hawkes April 2012
    Ab Fab guys this is how all radio should sound wonderful jingles , tunes and so experlty hosted by " Rockin' Ron " are we sure this sort of radio wouldn't work over here instead of the droll solid gold stations we have to put up with .............. Sooooooooo much energy
  • jonnojonno April 2012
    I see the web stream is now official and linked from the homepage
  • mp7292mp7292 April 2012
  • bossjockbossjock April 2012
    I downloaded all of Ron's April 21st show (and copied it to my mp3 player for in-car listening :-D ). Here's a "scoped" version - enjoy!

    Rockin Ron Sedaille Aircheck April 21 2012 by Bossjock
  • Here's a link to an mp3 of Rockin Ron's jingle montage which is posted on You Tube. Enjoy.
  • bossjockbossjock April 2012
    In order to release some space on Soundcloud, I've had to delete the aircheck attached to my April 2nd post, so I could post this aircheck of Ron's April 28th show. The stream kept dropping out, so I didn't get all of it :-( Nevertheless, enjoy :)
    Rockin Ron 280412 aircheck by Bossjock
  • tyty21tyty21 April 2012
    i called in to ron! i don't know if i got on air. but i was rockin' with ron! i'm on it!
  • Tyrone, you did not call in to Rockin' Ron! Just so you know, I don't think you got on air even if you did!

    Now, I won't post this, but over at Facebook, a person by the name of Jan Oosterveen from the Netherlands posted the full aircheck (music and Internet commercials included) of the April 28th show in five separate hours. I had the opportunity to listen in to those five hours last night offline since I was unable to listen in to the show in real-time due to a weekly family commitment (Saturday night church service, mind you...). So, sorry to disappoint you, Tyrone... BTW, those were Mediafire links, so that's why I'm not posting them.

    Bossjock: Thanks for the scoped aircheck, although you really didn't have to do that...
  • bossjockbossjock April 2012
    "Bossjock: Thanks for the scoped aircheck, although you really didn't have to do that.."

    I'll be recording the show from time to time for my own listening pleasure, so if anyone wants me to post the occasional aircheck, I'm happy to do so, but won't do it as a matter of course in future, as it takes quite a while to do!

    Does anyone know why we have those awful "Internet commrcials" instead of the local WDRC ones? I wouldn't mind too much except that, whoever (or whatever) drops them into the stream does a dreadful job of linking back to Ron's show, almost always dropping back in halfway through the next link :-S It rather spoils the flow of Ron's very tight programming.
  • loujosephsloujosephs April 2012
    My union AFTRA is the cause..when streaming became popular the union realized that spots aired on a stream should be paid blocked the live spots with psas or hired a service to insert spots...

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