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GMI Media Montage
  • tomobietomobie November 2011
    Came across this tape while transferring my ¼ inch and ½ inch masters to my hard drives. The only marking on the box was “GMI Media.”

    Did a Google search and found them to be a jingle production company in Seattle WA. Package names include: The “B” Package – Custom Country – Flight 31 – Free Flight. Others have no package names. Anyone know more about them?
  • BarrasBarras November 2011
    Those demos (packages) used to be online on the GMI website, I downloaded them all in June 2002 and are at #0728 & #0860 in my jingle collection. These days, GMI seemed to have changed companies and are now called Audio Brand Central with no “sung” jingles just music compositions. GMI Media LLC was a jingle production company located in Seattle, Washington. The company produced jingles and theme songs for radio and television stations, advertisers and syndicated radio programs. GMI has produced many nationally syndicated radio show theme songs. The company has also produced thousands of jingles for radio station identification over the years and hundreds of advertisers have used GMI to create new musical brands or commercial jingle campaigns.

    0728 GMI MEDIA jingles – Seattle, Washington (June 2002)

    Class Action (Hot AC) – 92.5 KLSY
    Gold AC – KJR FM Seattle
    Spirit AC – Spirit 105.3
    Classy (Brite AC) – 92.5 KLSY
    Freeflight – Mix 95
    Lite AC (Soft AC) – KCMS
    Starpower – Star 101.5
    The Bee (Hot AC) – Bee 98.5
    Flight 31 (Mainstream AC Format) – WCQR
    Classic Country – Classic Country 1090
    Super Highway (Hot Country) – Country 105.3
    Custom Country – KHAZ
    Stringtown SG – 102.3 Solid Gospel
    All American Country
    Plugged In (News/Talk)
    H20 News Talk
    KOMO News Talk Seattle
    KUBE Seattle (CHR)
    KISS FM Seattle (CHR)
    Cool Oldies – Kool 101.9 Sacramento
    KJR FM Seattle (70`s Oldies)
    Money-disc (advertising jingles)

    0860 GMI media + JRN (Jones Radio Network) September 2002

    AC demo
    Adult Hit Radio
    CD Country
    Classic Hit Country Programing
    Good Time Oldies affiliates
    US Country affiliates
  • glenglen November 2011
    GMI is now known as Audio Brand Central.
  • minihitsminihits August 2012
    I founded this company and we dissolved GMI in 2010 If anyone is interested in collecting any of the demos I may try to post on web if I get a chance and am happy to share, just let me know. Thanks, Ron
  • jinglejoejinglejoe August 2012
    Ron, I had the pleasure of meeting you at two or three NAB's back then, the last one being in Seattle about 1998 or so. Ben Freedman introduced us.
    I thank you for all the great demos, both CD and cassettes, that you and your wife had given me.
    GMI had a terrific product with a unique style. I just recently reorganized my collection and listened to many of the demos; they are still quite fresh sounding and very enjoyable.
    I didn't know GMI had an affiliation with Jones. If at some time you could post some of those that Dave listed above that would be superb.
    Again, thanks for everything.
  • tyty21tyty21 August 2012
    i'd be interested in hearing the demos of the jingles from GMI. have about 1 or 2, but not all!
  • RobWalkerRobWalker August 2012
    I bought a soft AC package from Ron in 2002 for KMGX Magic 100.7 in Bend Oregon. The master has been lost to the years. If Ron still has it, I'd love a dub for posterity.
  • glenglen August 2012
    So why did the company dissolve?

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