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Kingdom FM "Maggie's FM" TM re-sings this week
  • wixy1360wixy1360 November 2011
    OK, I don't often "mooch" dubs openly on JM - but this one is relevant locally and specifically this week.

    Stalwart TM Studios customer Kingdom FM here in Fife Scotland has this week been permitted by the Regulator to temporarily change their name to "Maggie's FM" for a 5-day fund-raising event promoting local Scottish Cancer Support charity Maggie's, who do sterling work here and get huge public support.

    To do a change of this nature is (probably/possibly) unique in the UK for a commercial station (other than "temporary stations" on alternate frequencies, e.g. Edinburgh's "Festival City Radio" a few years back, or RSLs).

    As part of the "station sound", as well as rewording their sweepers, promos, name on-air, Kingdom have had TM re-sing some cuts from their current TM custom to "Fife's Maggie's FM" on the end-sing.

    Would any of our JMers with connections to TM possibly be able to obtain any (even just 1) of the cuts in-the-clear for me?
    (this/these would definately be going into my particular "Embargoed Vault" I would emphasise!)

    PM/emails welcomed off-board please).


    (PS - regardless of obtaining a dub or not, I'll be making my donation when the Maggies "can rattlers" are out collecting at the shops on Saturday!)
  • DevawebDevaweb November 2011
    Your wish, my command... hear them here...

    Enjoy :)
  • wixy1360wixy1360 November 2011
    Thanks Chris!

    Does mean that Ignite are now the "official" agents for TM in the UK, and is there any Personal Cuts service via Ignite for current-era jingles fromTM or IJ (...yet another jingle company using my initials!)

    (...just need to find The Bee resings for Disney Village, Paris, now...)
  • Good+Time+OldieGood Time Oldie November 2011
    Hey Chris the old website is looking (and sounding) very delicious at the moment - great job Man!!!

    What about a Personal Cut service then?

    The Good Time Oldie
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey November 2011
    wixy1360 said:

    (...just need to find The Bee resings for Disney Village, Paris, now...)

    Not the exact cuts you're after Iain, but I thought you might like to hear these Disney Jones TM jingles none the less:

    Walt Disney World Resort - Xmas Around The World - Jones TM Jingles by m_hodgey

  • jonnojonno November 2011
    Mark, thanks for uploading those, they're really nice.
  • wixy1360wixy1360 November 2011
    Thanks Mark! =D>

    I've NEVER heard those before - and just shows that there's more to "radio ID jingles" than ID jingles just being on ... radio :)

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