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BBC Radio 2 80's Choir Jingle
  • middmidd October 2011
    Hi Guys. Does anyone have a 320kbp/s copy of a Jingle from Radio 2 from the mid-late 80's. It's a choir singing the station's name.... almost Christmas like, but it was aired throughout the year. Thanks in advance.
  • BarrasBarras October 2011
    Only got a 192kbp/s copy...
  • ratnobratnob October 2011
    Was this the awful frequency change jingle? If so, avoid!
  • MarcMannetjeMarcMannetje October 2011
    Hi Midd you might just go to and click the 'Acapella'. You can hear it as often as you like!
  • middmidd October 2011
    Thanks for the reply folks. Any chance you could put up the 192 kbp/s version Barras?
  • middmidd October 2011
    Absolutely brilliant....thanks gameswizard..... much appreciated!
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins October 2011
    I hope Bob that 'awful frequency change jingle' doesn't refer to the very clever upmarket
    promo recorded by the King's Singers for the BBC in 1978 and actually released as a 45 single. I have to admit to owning an original copy and still marvel at the effort that went into it.

    The King's Singers - so named as the original members went to King's College, Cambridge.
  • BarrasBarras October 2011
    Chalks said:

    The King's Singers - so named as the original members went to King's College, Cambridge.

    Thanks for the info. Chalks, never knew that about King`s College, Cambridge...

    I know about the County Sound stuff but did they record jingles for other statons too ?

    And...was it the King`s Singers or Mike Samme Singers who sang a package for Capital Radio ?

  • MarkSMarkS October 2011
    Believe it was the Swingle Singers that did the Capital bits...
  • BarrasBarras October 2011
    Correct, it was the Swingle Singers, got that package at #28 on my list....

    28 Metro Radio – (? Which jingle company) complete package 1980
    The Swingle Singers – Capital Radio 1978
    Metro Radio music-beds
    Aircheck of CFUN Vancouver, Canada

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