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Century Radio C.1997
  • Hi...

    I used to have this jingle back in the day, but the hard drive I'd created it on failed so have ultimately lost it.

    It was Century (NE)'s top of the hour jingle, it had a 15-20 second intro which the presenter would ultimately talk over and then it had a deep male English v/o who said, "Live, from the North East news centre, this... is Century News".

    I don't even know who created it, sadly - I think it was Century's 2nd or 3rd set of jingles. John Myers/Morgan was still presenting the breakfast show at the time.

    Any ideas, anyone?
  • cserpentukcserpentuk June 2011
    Miracles may happen after all... I found an old hard drive this morning, and found a RealAudio 3 version of it!

    Attached for anyone that even has RealPlayer these days!
  • wixy1360wixy1360 June 2011
    Not loaded - looks like .RAM etc aren't on the list of "accepted audio formats" in the new Forum software!

    PS - has anyone else found that the "advanced loader" for multiple file uploads doesn't seem to work?
  • BarrasBarras June 2011
    Pity the RAM file didn`t work as Century North-East have had several TOHs and it`s difficult to know, which one you want. Here`s one from Feb 1995...

    Century Radio TOH 09-02-95.MP3

    Attached files Century Radio TOH 09-02-95.MP3 (224.5 KB) 
  • That's from a package called New Millennium from Alfa.
  • cserpentukcserpentuk October 2011
    Thanks! I didn't think it to be Alfaesque as such so hadn't considered that.

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