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Hallam FM Adverts Montage 1991/2
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey February 2011
    Today I have been transferring some off-air audio from cassette onto the PC and from the transferred audio, I have put together a 13 minute montage of national and local adverts recorded from Hallam FM in 1991 and 1992.

    There are loads of old “classics” featured in the montage, including Atkinson’s of Sheffield, Paul Eyre Carpets, Crystal Peaks, Morris Bywater and DC Cook.

    I actually created this montage for the Radio Hallam thread of the Sheffield History Forums, but thought I would present it here on JingleMad to:


    P.S. I would love to hear from anyone who has got any of these in the clear.
  • mbmb February 2011
    Hi Mark,

    Funny you should bring the subject of ads up.
    I've been going through my old airchecks and pulling out the best adverts. As I moved aroud a lot I've got Manchester, Yorkshire, Birmingham and London. I've put a lot on my soundcloud page:-
  • BigdaveBigdave February 2011
    Cracking stuff Mark.

    A few ad jingles on there I remember but had forgotten - Ritz Video and the Transport Executive ones for starters..

    That and the fact Steve Butler's voice is on about 3/4 of them...

    RE ads from elsewhere,I have got somewhere the great Currie Motors jingle which I'll post on here.I feel a montage coming on!
  • GRAFTOIGRAFTOI February 2011
    Great montage. Brings back some memories!

    Here are some ads/trailers for Hallam FM itself. These were recorded on 29 October 1989.
  • BigdaveBigdave February 2011
    Righto...time for a break me thinks.

    A few classics included in here - quality varies as they've been taken from a whole number of sources...
  • BarrasBarras February 2011
    Personally I`m not a big collector of commercial jingles, radio ID jingles are my thing, however, I heard some class jingles in that montage, the majority of them still memorable (which I guess is the main function of a jingle anyway). Jingles like Shake n Vac, SKI Yoghurt, Spar etc… I remember them well, thanks for posting the montage. Reference to the Kellogs Bran Flakes jingle, here`s some ad-men talking about that jingle campaign, sales of Bran Flakes leapt 41% in a year, they reckon because of the "they`re tasty, tasty, very, very tasty..." jingle...

  • mbmb July 2012
    apologies for exhuming this thread but ratrher than start another one thought i'd tack into onto the end - for no other reason than to share some great stuff heres some Hallam through the years.

    Hallam by MBessex
  • SpoonsSpoons July 2012
    Loved these Hodgey!

    I always assumed The Paul Eyre Carpets commercial jingle was done by Alfa as the instrumentation sounded a lot like the travel and news cuts they were producing at the time to go alongside the JAM composite packages UK stations were choosing. Plus, Steve Butler on the vocal! Could have been LBS though I guess.
  • SpoonsSpoons July 2012
    Michael - loved that Hallam montage! Lots.

    They never used that weather jingle from the 1995 JAM Metroline package though.
  • Nah, I believe they used the "Instant Cash Track" cut from Metroline to read the weather

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