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JAM Flame Thrower cut 6 help
  • tyty21tyty21 October 2009
    hi, i'm thinking of doing a montage of another jam popular cut. it seems like JM has started a series of the popular cuts from jam/pams. my faves were the jam turbo z 10, breakthrough 1, pams charge, going places, live this weekend and so on. here's the montage i'm posting. i want to do a montage of "the flame thrower" cut 6. here are the versions i have:
    z100 WHTZ new york
    WSTO, evansville, in
    WCAU-fm philadelphia, pa
    y94 fm?
    KKHR, Los Angeles, Ca
    KHTR, Saint Louis, Mo
    KZZC, Kansas City, Mo
  • tyty21tyty21 October 2009
    one more to add that i have is KOFM, oklahoma city, OK
  • tyty21tyty21 October 2009
    3 more here that i remember i have,
    WXXY, port republic, NJ
    WRBQ, tampa, FL
    WHYT, Detroit, MI
  • tyty21tyty21 October 2009
    here's a montage of the flame thrower cut 6 version 1. filename:flame_thrower6.mp3
  • wixy1360wixy1360 October 2009
    "hi, i'm thinking of doing a montage of another jam popular cut. it seems like JM has started a series of the popular cuts from jam/pams"

    There's a wise old saying - "one can sometimes have too much of a good thing"
    Another one is - "less is more";
    Also, those familiar with R/T air practice & procedures will know about the value of how to keep messages short & to the point, as well as only hitting the "transmit" key when actually necessary.

    And here's a new saying that I've just invented - "this ISN'T Twitter!"
  • gameswizardgameswizard October 2009
    Wixy1360 wrote:
    only hitting the "transmit" key when actually necessary.

    or editing the original post.
  • tyty21tyty21 March 2010
    ok, i'm gonna post the update, found more interesting resings, WGTZ, Dayton, Ohio
    WNVZ, Norfolk/newport news, Virginia
    WKHI, Ocean City, MD
    WQQQ, Easton/allentown, Pa
    WNOK, Columbia, South Carolina
    WSSX(95sx), charleston, south carolina
    WNCI, Columbus, Ohio
    KTKS, Dallas/fort worth, TX
  • tyty21tyty21 March 2010
    here we go, let's see if we can post here again filename:flame_thrower6_update.mp3
  • First off, my city's represented in that montage (Dayton, OH!), and second, AWESOME update!!! :D

    I am saving this for my own listening pleasure!!!
  • mjb1124mjb1124 March 2010
    Well, I personally can never get enough of these types of montages, so thank you for posting this!
  • BarrasBarras March 2010
    This is my "type" of montage ! - thanks Tyrone, good one.
  • tyty21tyty21 February 2011
    and because JM got hit by the bug, i'm reposting this with another update! an edit to WNVZ's version of the jingle, thanks to shad, we have a good end sing for the city (norfolk/Newport News," VA
    4 new resings:
    WZYQ, Braddock Heights, MD
    WINK-FM, Fort Myres, FL
    WDJX, Louisville, KY
    WJET, Erie, PA (if that's right), thanks dave! filename:the_flame_thrower_6_update.mp3
  • wixy1360wixy1360 February 2011
    An interesting and very pacy selection!

    But why are your audio levels so extremely different between different items Tyrone?
    It makes it a hard listen!
  • kramkram April 2012
    Any chance that you still have the audio file... It's not wanting to play / download. Thanks!!
  • tyty21tyty21 April 2012
    i believe I do. i'll post it later on today.
  • Big fan of this jingle! SHOULD have ordered it when we got our new jingle last year...dummy! BUT Im more interested in the talk bed most CHR's used talking into that jingle...I have heard KKHR, B96, AND WHYT use it on old is an example from WHYT back in the 80's...

    They use a name shout for the jock, then theres a bed...then the classic JAM explosion and Cut 6 jingle...would love that bed...anyone have it? Or know where I can get it? Is it a JAM bed? It fits so well...any help would be appreciated!
  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    I have it “in-the-clear” so to speak but not willing to post it or send out as I believe JAM are still making money from it, best get in touch with your JAM rep.
  • robynretrorobynretro August 2012
    Hi Craig,

    The bed in question is called "The CBS Stager". It was created by JAM for CBS's CHR stations like KHTR/St. Louis, KKHR/Los Angeles, and WCAU-FM/Philadelphia. JAM's Jon Wolfert had answered that same question for me when it was asked here a few years ago. The music bed works very well with "Flame Thrower" Cut #6 and has also been used with various other cuts from JAM.

    FWIW, I'm not sure if "The CBS Stager" was ever used by CBS's 2 other O&O CHRs: WBBM-FM/Chicago and WHTT/Boston. WBBM-FM was using TM's "Airpower" and "Airpower Plus" and WHTT was using a mix bag of JAM's "The Flame Thrower" and "Hitradio 2" along with TM's "Airpower" at the time.

  • Robyn...I really Appreciate the info. As you can hear on the clip I posted, non CBS stations used the bed too. WHYT was owned by Cap Cities/ABC at the time of them using the bed. Thanks again!
  • robynretrorobynretro August 2012
    Hi again, Craig!

    No problem. Since we've brought up the CBS Stager, I'd thought you and the other JMers on here would like to hear that cut in use with different JAM cuts. Here are some links to different airchecks where it's heard.

    KWOD/Sacramento, CA 1986:
    (cut is heard at 5:12)

    WBJW/Orlando, FL 1988:
    (cut is heard at 4:17)

    And of course, how the cut was originally used.

    KKHR/Los Angeles, CA 1985:
    (cut is at 4:44 with FT cut #6)

  • tyty21tyty21 August 2012
    now that i think of it, there are 2 other cuts, make it 3.
    KFRC-FM oldies format used it with tm's custom package

    WKRZ wilks-barre, PA used it, usually proceeding with a cut from outstanding

    and WRJT in Cookville, TN used it along with jam's xyrock.
  • Thanks Robyn...I of course had seen the Jack Armstrong version...and I had a friend who worked at PowerHits KWOD 106 back in the day, but they had pretty much gotten rid of jingles when I heard him...I will try and find more people using the stager....

  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    The KKHR TOH link (Americans call it “break”) from Jack Armstrong is one of my favourite TOH links, if not my favourite TOH link of all time, it incorporates everything I like about how CHR radio used to be…

    The link only lasts aprox. 10+ seconds:

    1. A great radio personality (Jack Armstrong) with a fun link (i/c gorilla voice !) time-check and “Flame Thrower” over the CBS stager bed
    2. Jon Wolfert sonovox
    3. A JAM sing ending on a city-name “Los Angeles”
    4. Bang…into the next song

    Perfect !!! :)

    I said Jack Armstrong is one of my favourites as The Nastyman is a good one too …

  • robynretrorobynretro August 2012
    No Problem Craig. Since you are a fan of KWOD during their CHR era, I'd thought that
    you would like this cut from "Hitradio" as well. From 1989:

    And Barras, spot on with what you said (although I do like the "CBS Stager" myself). A live legal ID that is read by the air talent over a jingle bed, IMHO, beats just having either a quick legal ID in a commercial break or a produced sweeper with the legal in it.

    As far as TOH jingles, my personal favorite is JAM's "Hot KIIS" cut #15 A great example is here:


  • BarrasBarras August 2012
    Robyn, you should like this montage I put together a while back...

    JAM Hot KIIS #15 montage by Barras

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