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Help! BBC Radio Shropshire
  • danjamesukdanjamesuk July 2004

    Somebody somewhere could be making an old anorak very happy... if you have a copy of the BBC Radio Shropshire package produced by TMCI many moons ago (sung along the lines of "The BBC in Shropshire... 96 FM").

    If you do have a copy (that you don't mind sharing), please message me for my e-mail/postal address.

    Of course, if there's anything you're on the lookout for, just say so and I'll see if I can help.


  • danjamesukdanjamesuk July 2004
    I've just done a little bit of digging and the package was based around resings of "The Magic of Boston", produced for WMJX by TM Communications. Any help would be appreciated!
  • DevawebDevaweb July 2004
    I've got a load that were recorded off-air in Shrewsbury if that's any use? Including a couple of 60" image songs...

    "to Hodnet Hall... we've got it all"... etc etc!
  • mbmb July 2004
    ...............and the fab news jingle. Plus some of the instrumentals got a playout on the Friday night record collectors programme.
  • DMS492DMS492 July 2004
    Wow! They were great. I worked at Radio Shropshire until a couple of years ago, and I remember that was fab. Someone point me to the audio! Memories!
  • danjamesukdanjamesuk July 2004
    Anything or everything - all gladly accepted! Devaweb - I'll send you a PM with my address, unless you want to post an MP3, in which case my e-mail is Ta!
  • i think i have most of those on tape somewhere ill have to try and get them uploaded
  • star+tetleystar tetley August 2012

    i think i have most of those on tape somewhere ill have to try and get them uploaded

    Yes that would be great!
  • AndyWAndyW August 2012
    I used to have the carts... I may still have some but I know some were recorded over. I'll have a look... The irony is that the recorded over ones would have had Devaweb material on them.
  • DevawebDevaweb August 2012
    Did someone call?

    This is one of my favourite jingle packages of all time, and one of the reasons I got into jingles. My parents are from Shropshire, and one of my childhood treats when we went to see relatives was to pop into Radio Shropshire and also Beacon Radio. During my time at TM Studios, I was lucky enough to be involved in packages for both of them, which I'm very proud of.

    Anyway, the main station cuts...

    TM Century Radio Shropshire 1989 Main Cuts by englishchris

    ...and the two brilliant station songs, beautifully lyriced, I'm sure you'll agree.

    TM Century Radio Shropshire 1989 Station Songs by englishchris
  • Mr EnglishChris , well done that man , those jingles brought back memories and shivers haha , saves me uploading , wonder if anyone has the package before those ?
    I think one or two different variations i have for example Good Morning Shropshire, Pride of the County etc , ill dig them out
  • kolosskoloss August 2012
    This was a favorite of mine from WMJX-
    What pristine copies! - I love the phone number sings and the amazing news beds--
    This was about the tail end of the original (great) TM
  • simon_t123simon_t123 August 2012
    ahhh lovely jubbly R.Shropshire cuts as posted by Mr Stevens there :) interesting that the lyrics don't mention, BBC or Radio an awful lot !!! but then I think the messages sung do the trick quite nicely, does anyone know how the station ID'd on air in links or news etc at the time the above cuts were in use ? was it "BBC Radio Shropshire" or "96 FM" ?
  • They used to voiceover the news beds with "on 95 and 96fm across the county this is BBC Radio Shropshire or some variation , plus they used to be on medium wave so in the early days 397 mw or 756,1584 , the early jingles have those on them , would love to get them on here , just trying to find a decent tape deck , but alas i know my cassettes are not perfect quality
  • Does anyone know who did the first set of Jingles back in 1985 when they launched , those were great , they did updated ones few years later same sort of beds just a different sound
  • professor1036professor1036 August 2012
    They sounded like a Standard Sound (Muff Murfin) package. Quite similar to the Wyvern and BRMB jingles in the early eighties.
  • SpoonsSpoons August 2012
    Amaze-balls (as the youth of today would say...)
  • TheBigCheeseTheBigCheese August 2012
    They were made locally. And they're awful. I'll sort something out for you when I'm back home in a few days.
  • TheBigCheeseTheBigCheese August 2012
    First Radio Shropshire jingles, 1985, made locally by Nick Sargent Music of Baschurch. I haven't posted using Soundcloud before, so fingers crossed they'll appear here:

  • TheBigCheeseTheBigCheese August 2012
    And from around the same time (approx 1985-6), some Radio Shropshire jingles used by presenter Chris Eldon Lee:

    BBC Radio Shropshire - jingles for Chris Eldon Lee by thebigcheese01
  • TheBigCheeseTheBigCheese August 2012
    And this Nick Sargent jingle was used as the talk-up to the news. It was meant to be backtimed, with the news presenter starting the bulletin with a mention of the weather - so.. "Warm and sunny in Shropshire, the news at eight o'clock, this is (whoever)..."

    BBC Radio Shropshire original news intro by thebigcheese01
  • Wow! Many thanks for posting these Nick Sargent cuts Andrew. You are the only person I know with a decent copy. I've not heard these since the day they were replaced by the TM package. That's the first time I've ever heard the news theme in full as well (very daytime TV-ish!).. As a very impressionable 12 year old at the time I thought they were fantastic jingles!
  • professor1036professor1036 August 2012
    I'll echo what Neal said...thanks for posting them! I've not heard those either since the introduction of the TM package either!

    I always remember the first jingle (on your file) getting played regularly at 7pm with a MVO proclaiming "For better reception retune now to VHF"

    Ah...those were the days!

    I'll also echo about the news intro...tended to only hear the last few seconds, so it's nice to hear it in full!

    Thanks again!
  • WOW , thanks for uploading these , some of the show jingles ive not even heard before , the nick sargent news jingle was from the updated batch the original is much the same just a different arrangment.
    The Chris Eldon Lee jingles for the breakfast show , i don't even think he did that show back then proberbly mistaken but good uploads , anymore from the next package :)
  • I know they are not offically jingle uploads only but i have uploaded 2 various snippets to soundcloud of various radio shropshire charity and birthday show montages if anyone wishes to listen.
  • IanFIanF August 2012
    Hi All,

    Been reading your comments and loving your uploads and I'm afraid this isn't the original "On Air" jingle package. 1986 maybe but I'm sure it's not 1985. Here's my off air sampler as proof.

    Ian F
  • wolfiewolfie August 2012
    I'd agree with IanF - the NickSargent Music package wasn't the original. The clip Ian posted has the news intro cut from the original package. There were sung versions of this - the one I remember had lyrics like 'Something special on your radio'. Seem to recall when Beacon started in Shropshire they referred to Will Tudor's Breakfast Show as 'something more than special' - always assumed this was a jibe at R.Shropshire.

    The Nick Sargent package also has jingles mentioning evenings - when R.Shropshire started it shut down at 6pm. And there's a jingle for Mike Naylors Hits & Headlines which ran on Sunday afternoons, but I'm certain it wasn't aired when they first started.
  • IanFIanF August 2012
    Thanks Wolfie.

    Found this a bit ago on Audio Boo. The opening of BBC Radio Shropshire by Diane Kemp

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