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Heavy heart
  • jonnojonno July 11
    I'm posting this with a heavy heart...

    Jingle collecting has been part of my life for decades and as much as I love my jingle collection and adding to it and listening to favourite packages, it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cleaning and maintaining my home, so something has to give.

    I will be re-homing my collection

    Please don't ask any questions, as I can't handle talking about it.

    Below is a list of what's available. All FREE of charge, but to good homes only. Serious enquiries only please.

    Thanks for reading and understanding . . . .

    1. Dustpan and brush
    2. Sponges
    3. Dusters
    4. Mop and bucket
    5. Window cleaner
    6. Hoover
    7. Dishwashing liquid
    8. Laundry detergent
    9. Fabric softener
    10. Laundry baskets
    11. Toilet brush
    12. Cleaning sprays
    13. Scrubbing brushes (various)

  • Jonno!!!!

    Have a groovy day and congratulations on how you're managing your choices ;)
  • Sorry to hear about the cleaning products jonno.
    Sending my best at such a tough time
  • ratnobratnob July 11
    No 'Cleansweep'?
  • PKPK July 11
    And here was me thinking Global were adding a rock station to their Heart brand lol!
  • MarkSMarkS July 11
    Jonno - why not enjoy both hobbies - cleaning and jingles? :-)
  • You could of course take lower-resolution ... GIF ... (sorry, couldn't resist it!) photos of the said cleaning products and back them up
    on to an external hard drive, so that in future you can go back and reminince about how they looked like back in the day....:

    ... I'll get my coat ..........
  • Is your Hoover .wav or .mp3? We have quality cleaning standards, you know!
  • glenglen July 13
    Noe that sucks lol
  • michimichi July 29
    Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.