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Heritage jingles for Heart Essex and Kent
  • rakrak May 31
    From the Airforce FB page:
    Big changes across the Heart Network mean that from today, local commercial radio will never be quite the same. This includes Heart Essex.

    Heart Essex started as Essex Radio, re-branded to Essex FM and then to Heart. In the days of Essex Radio, Airforce provided the station with literally hundreds of station ident cuts. (Our back catalogue says over 750 !).

    Starting with the orchestral 'Together We'll Make it', to the innovative 'Greatest Memories Latest Hits' package though to a whole range of tracks including the epic 'Helping Hands' jingle, below is a link that revisits a small amount of our work from 1985 to about 1994.

    How many of these cuts do you remember ? Enjoy.

    and from my Soundcloud page:
    A compilation of the station sound for the first 20 years of Invicta Sound/Radio/FM, and Coast AM/Coast Classic/Invicta Supergold, to mark the end of nearly 35 years' broadcasting from Canterbury, Maidstone and Whitstable.
    Thanks to Producers David Arnold and Dain Blair, who gave me some of the audio files a few years ago, plus , and anyone else who gave me MDs, CDs and files over the years.
  • Wow! Love the montage Airforce have put together with all the Essex FM cuts, especially as they have included some of the alternate mixes. I take my hat off to them.
  • jonnojonno May 31
    Wow indeed! Both compilations are excellent.
  • amigoamigo June 1
    ….and now the question we all want answered.....Can we please purchase collector copies of these packages? Pretty Please?
  • "….and now the question we all want answered............"

    Seconded! :^)