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Joseph William Myers NOVEMBER 30, 1948 ~ APRIL 2, 2019
  • Sad to have recently learned that a dear jingle collector & friend Joe Myers has passed.

    I had befriended Joe some thirty years ago, & he was kind enough to send me many
    cassettes of jingles & samplers, & as a special gift he even included a Joe Myers Coffee Mug

    We had kept in touch for a number of years, but then it seemed he moved on from his
    radio career and jingle collecting hobby & went on to establish his funeral business.

    I'll miss him a ton! he was good people, & always took the time to write kind notes
    that accompanied his jingle "care packages", & send along a bunch of heartfelt goodies as

    May Mr. Myers R.I.P He may be gone, but not forgotten!

    One last time:

  • Wow, this is a shock! Sad to hear of this. Thanks for the info.
  • I was fortunate to chat with Joe in 2012.... his version of the 'Chicago Song' inspired mine....

    He also sent me this....

    Go Trella !!!

    ..... a TRUE jingle lover

  • Thanks for sharing those JM Classics Len. I wished I could easily get my hands on one of the many milk crates of cassettes
    I have stored back at my old home which likely contains at least a half dozen cassettes Joe sent me over the years.
    Ages ago, last time I visited my old home, I rummaged through the crates & dug up my old Mike Neff tapes, & managed to
    port those to CD, but now I guess I'll need to make a pilgrimage back to Long Island sometime over the summer & see if I
    can locate those Joe Myers classics.
  • Some more from Joe's custom collection...which I got almost 25 years ago from Big Ron O'Brien, who got them from our very own ((RadioBoy)) Joe Tedd.

    This is a 285th generation dub, so please excuse the quality!
  • Thanks for saving me the agonizing trip back home Jeffro :)
    probably more like 313th generation dub by the sound of it, but I'm glad you found it more easily in your collection that if I had to dig through mine.
    Appreciate your sharing it with everyone who cares & remembers just what a cool, decent, friendly & down to earth gentleman Joe was.
    While I probably first learned about the concept of personal cuts from listening to jingle samplers from Mike Neff, Joe's montages (to me, back in the day)
    were truly jingle overload! Even knowing what jingles cost back in the 70's, I was just in awe of Joe's collection of personalized cuts, and with each new
    sampler he'd send, always something new thrown on there somewhere, very similar to your collection I guess Jeffro!
  • I met Joe Myers in Morgantown, Kentucky in 1987. We went into his den at the funeral home and there was what I believed to be most of the PAMS reference tapes. He was an interesting person with some great stories. I gave him some tapes to dub which when returned to Cleveland, smelled like tobacco smoke.
    He was what I would call a serious jingle collector and a great radio guy.
    RIP Joe.
    Dave Sharp
  • Joe Myers Jingle Sampler... First Generation Quality from Joe's DAT Transfers. Rest in Peace, and thanks for the memories, Joe!
  • Really Nice to hear that Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing! I believe that's the first time I've ever heard a "First Generation" dub of a Joe Myers montage.
  • Radioboy said:

    Really Nice to hear that Tracy, Thanks so much for sharing! I believe that's the first time I've ever heard a "First Generation" dub of a Joe Myers montage.

    You're welcome. I saw the comments above so I thought it would be nice to put together a compilation from the original masters for everyone to enjoy.

  • ejjeffejjeff June 1
    Joe was a great guy. bought his catalog years ago. Th first batch of KQV jingles I ever got came from Joe. RIP
  • That was a very nice compilation Tracy, truly fitting for Joe!
  • Thanks, Tracy. Good stuff! Do you have the Fred Vobbe jingle sampler? He's another collector...and actually had a Pepper Tanner custom cut as I recall. Rare stuff!
  • A sad but strange coincidence of the the two "J. Myers" within a very short space of time.

    Jeffrey, the Fred Vobbe P-T personal cut audio is perhaps best left undisturbed - those of us
    who have a dub in any grade of quality of both versions of the vocals know why.
  • I've heard one version. Now you have me even MORE intrigued! nice work, IJ.
  • Jeffrey, I'll email / PM you separately about the topic, as its perhaps not appropriate
    to take it further on this particular thread.