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Reason #3,827 why JAM > TM
  • JAM has always been my number one choice for jingles. (Where have I heard this phrase before?) That being said, every once in a while, I have a craving for something from my number two choice. In this case, it was a cut from TM's 1987 WAVA custom package. The jingle has been rattling around in my head for weeks...and I want it for Jeffro Radio.

    Knowing that TM's backing tracks of that era have been out of the building for decades, I contacted Tracy Carman and made certain a high quality version of this particular cut still existed in the clear somewhere. It DID, so the adventure began! I recorded a file with detailed instructions on lyric melody and placement and sent it - along with the track - to TM Studios. That's when the adventure ended.

    I was told that the iJingles program had been discontinued and they "can't produce it." I responded that I KNEW the program no longer existed and that I was going directly through TM Studios to have it produced. I was always under the impression that iJingles was created so non-terrestrial clients could buy cuts at lower prices. I made it clear I was willing to pay FULL price for this. At that point, I was informed that TM Studios will NOT service internet-only stations!

    Wow. Talk about shitty business.

    Fun fact: my money spends just like terrestrial radio money.
  • Unfortunately it seems that the "All New" TM have vanished up their own arses nowadays..
    RIP..The once Great TM Jingles!
    Luckily there are other Dallas-Based Jingle Companies still around who are passionate about Jingles no matter who and where you are!!
  • TM still produce good new packages, and do well with classic resings when they're willing to do them, but that exchange is definitely a mark against them. Unfortunately they seem to have become more and more "corporate" over the years, and especially after the Cumulus takeover. That's the key difference between them and JAM, who are still quite literally a "mom and pop" company. I really don't see why they would refuse any client willing to pay full price. I wonder if the result would have been different if you had asked for a more recent package that can be found on their website.
  • glenglen May 10
    This what happens corporate radio aka Cumulus buys anything. Cumulus radio stations are a mess too. WABC (AM) - Wikipedia
    WABC (770 AM, 77 WABC), is a radio station licensed to New York City and is owned by the broadcasting division of Cumulus Media.The station shares studio facilities with sister stations WPLJ, WNSH and WNBM above Pennsylvania Station in midtown Manhattan. This tells it all.
  • mbmb May 10
    Thats disappointing to hear, that just says we just dont want to deal with it / you.
    I guess they only want to deal with customer of X size makig it "worth" thier while
    Sad to hear - i Jingles was a lovely program with cuts made wih such care
  • Sorry to hear that. Not wanting to service internet only stations. Wow! That's just sad. I wonder what Greg Clancy has to say about this. Maybe try giving him a ring?
  • The GM (Greg) is generally who puts that type of rule into practice. My email to him went unanswered.
  • nleibonleibo May 11
    I'm guessing Greg is "out of the picture", now. I know when I had my Re-sing recorded some 2 years ago--he was "available" to communicate even if he couldn't work on my project at the time.
    So, Cumulus now owns TM? A company named after a cloud "that looks like pieces of floating cotton"--that would explain their Business practices...:)
  • Greg is still the General Manager and Creative VP as per their website. I'm guessing you have to go through the "middle man" now?
  • wasn't until I emailed a "middle man" that I got my unfortunate reply.
  • Out of curiosity...If Greg Clancy is the Top Dog at whatever TM calls itself nowadays...Does he still moonlight as Mr Bass Man or is there somebody else doing that nowadays?
  • Greg is actually a tenor, unlike his dad Jim. Jeff Oxley seems to be the main bass singer in Dallas now.
  • mjb1124 said:

    Greg is actually a tenor, unlike his dad Jim. Jeff Oxley seems to be the main bass singer in Dallas now.

    Thanks...I learn something new everyday!
    I had always assumed "Father Like Son" ;-)

  • The GM (Greg) is generally who puts that type of rule into practice. My email to him went unanswered.

    Sorry to read what has happened but I have always found Greg very helpful when no one answerd my question I emailed him direct and within a day he got things sorted

    The track I wanted was listed but in the end TC helped out due to some internal issues and even though the whole thing took longer that previous I was still happy with the end result

  • Just got an email from Greg. He said that they will be relaunching their "one-off" jingles soon, and to contact him mid-summer. Don't know if this means you can then have those classic cuts sung though. Good luck.
  • michimichi June 3
    If I could get one-offs for the new-er/ish TM stuff, I may be for it.. J1 is due a refresh.
  • I doubt I'll be giving them my money again.