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WANT: AP Network News sounders and themes 1980s...
  • Does anyone here have the old themes and sounders used by AP Radio in America back in the 1980s? I haven't heard them in twenty or so years and it would bring back some great memories from my first radio gig.

    Thanks :-)
  • bruceupbruceup May 2008
    They were done by Shelley Palmer in NY if that helps you find them:

    I've done them since 1992 through TM Century/Jones TM, but that won't help you in your 1980's quest.

  • Bruce-

    I always really loved that mid-90s package. I have the CD that the AP sent out to all radio subscribers/affiliates sitting somewhere at home (all the cuts in stereo followed by all the cuts in mono).

    We used to use the sports sounder as the news open during our 5pm news hour back when I was at KFRU in Columbia, MO.

  • radioboy949radioboy949 September 2010
    It's been a couple years, just wondering if these cuts have turned up anywhere yet.
  • radioboy949radioboy949 February 2012
    Pushing this back to the top just to see if anyone has ever encountered these tracks? Still at the top of my wishlist. Thanks
  • radioboy949radioboy949 February 23
    Five years later... Anyone? Bueller?
  • radiocitybillradiocitybill February 24
    None of the stations I've ever worked at had AP so I never had access to them, even though at least one competing station was an affiliate. Would love to hear those again, too.
  • Five years later... Anyone? Bueller?

    Hi there! Is this the news open in question? It’s around the 1:30 mark, right after the end of the Tom Snyder show closing theme (by Shelly Palmer). I always liked this news open. I wish I had access to the full package!
  • This IS the sounder in question, but there was a full-length version at :60 I am after, or at least a clean version of this and the AP sports sounder. Thank you.