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DLT Timer Jingles
  • jinglejimjinglejim February 12
    Hi Everyone.
    I remember DLT on Radio 1 used various intros of songs as jingles to give contestants on his quiz shows time to think of the answer.
    They were mostly 10 seconds long, and the one he used most was the intro to 'Pick up the Pieces' by the Average White Band.
    Can anyone remember any others. Thanks.
  • GrahamCollinsGrahamCollins February 12
    I don't remember any others but he did use a loop of the instrumental bits of IGY by Donald Fagen as a bed.
  • DevawebDevaweb February 16
    Unrelated... I have a DLT "Treble Top" quiz machine in our office, complete with JAM jingle on startup. I need to let it go, and it's free to a good home if anybody wants it. You'll need to collect it from MediaCityUK though, and it's heavy!