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JingleSamplers additions
  • nleibonleibo December 2018
    Added more William B. Tanner and Media General jingle demos here. Created a Jingle Potpourri page, which features a hodge-podge of items that don't fit anywhere else on the site. Added audio items to the Anita Kerr, Bill Meeks and Century 21 pages @
  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston December 2018
    Nice to hear the Criterion package for WLAC-FM Nashville in the PotPourri section - I got that direct from the station
    all those years ago but unfortunately only in mono. Their AM also give me their big PAMS 42/43 composite.

    Do you possibly have the FM one in stereo Neil?
    (The air version had some "corresponding instrumental" versions too, and some semi-accapellas)
  • johnquincyjohnquincy December 2018
    There were some more TM demos added late last month, too.