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Geoffy B's new JAM/PAMS jingles
  • ratnobratnob August 2018
    I blame my younger son. Ever since he started calling me Geoffy B, I knew this was the perfect name for jingles.

    So, yes, I've defied the wrath of Mrs B and bought three new personal cuts. I hope you'll agree that they are as stunning as ever. I'm especially proud of the way JMW and I have reinvented the PAMS Power Play cut by adding lyrics over that brassy instrumental tag:

    More cheesy fav’rites
    He’s Geoffy B

    Go go Geoffy B
    Go Go Geoffy B
    Always cheesy; never sleazy
    He’s Geoffy B
    Geoff Barton

    Series 37: "Power Play”: Cut 10

    Hey Geoffy B
    Hey Geoffy B
    Play my favourites
    Hey Geoff … Geoffy B … Playin’ songs … just for me
    Hey Geoff … Geoffy B … Playin’ songs … just for me

    Find all my personal cuts here:

  • IainJohnstonIainJohnston August 2018
    Bloomin' Heck Geoff!

    THAT's how to do a Series 37 cut FIFTY YEARS later!
    And it sounds "fresh" as a proverbial. Nice work from JMW<