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jingles and IDs from all over the US: current edition.
  • tyty21tyty21 May 2018
    so, if you rememer the 1986 to 1987 jingles and ID'scollections from all over the US, same with 1989 and 1990, I am actually doing a version of the same thing, but, these checks are from over the past 4 years! from around 2015 to now, this is pretty huge, so watch in parts if you have to! consider this a warning. however, if you do go on and watch this through, more power to ya! part one is starting in the west coast, from my home base in the Los Angeles market, to the Northern california markets and the oregon border. pay attention to the LA side of things, because even though it's an online station as of now, I gave you jingle madders something special to look forward to.

  • Thanks for posting tyty21, I really enjoyed your previous montages. I recently read a tweet which claimed that everyone on Jinglemad won’t move with the times and unless imaging has been sung by a 7 voice group in Dallas we won’t like it.
    I’m not sure that’s true. I still enjoy the current Radio 2 package recorded here in London. I’ve been listening a lot to Heart 80s (even though “Heart aye-tees” doesn’t quite work) and don’t dislike the jingles. Radio 1’s imaging is made well too... anyway.
    Listening to this montage, I really struggled to get through the first 5 minutes. I skipped a bit... and a bit more, desperate to find something interesting. I’m afraid it all felt a bit soulless to me. Radio with the heart ripped out.
    It’s interesting to hear but it’s not for me.
  • The tags appear to show that the file is 9 hours, 50 minutes and 10 seconds duration.

    Awfy Sorry, but unless I can download it and slug it into an audio editor to allow me to skip the boring bits,
    or at least chop it into manageable chunks, then I cannot listen to something that unwieldy!

    I DID try listening online, but gave up after trying bits of the beginning, middle and end!