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TM's YOU package and Synergy
  • RickWRickW September 2017
    I really enjoyed the YOU package (not YOU II) and SYNERGY from TM. I collected a few different versions over the last few years and was wondering if anyone have other versions of these that they are willing to trade? If so lets talk and exchange versions. Thanks. RickW
  • RadioboyRadioboy September 2017
    Hi Rick,
    I too was always fond of the Synergy package, my first exposure to it was on my hometown station (WPIX-FM/New York) I never had a truly nice version of these, but a friend of mine once supplied me with a mono version which I created a montage with, here's my effort as posted on youtube by: Ellis Feaster.

    Enjoy! ((RadioBoy))
  • ratnobratnob September 2017

    In case of interest ... my 'You' montage:
  • RickWRickW October 2017
    WPIX-FM had one of THE WORST sings TM did on the Synergy package. Not that Synergy was an musical classic by any means, but WPIX-FM's version was AWFUL!