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Southern Sound/Radio Mercury
  • jonnojonno October 2012
    Back in the early days when Southern Sound and Radio Mercury shared evening programmes (eg. The Timbo Show) the commercial breaks on each station would often be different lengths, so they would play library(?) music to pad out the shorter break.

    Examples of the 3 tunes used can be heard here:-

    Bit of a long shot, but I don't suppose anyone can identify the tracks?
  • Sean1972Sean1972 January 2018
    Somehow I have finally managed to track them down! One track is by Richard Myhill and the other 2 are by Nick Glennie-Smith. They are part of the KPMLP music library. I have now added full versions of them to the This is ILR website. Have a listen here:
  • jonnojonno January 2018
    Amazing work Sean! Thank you.

    I still have memories of Timbo singing over the last notes of these tunes out of breaks! Might even have a very scratchy off air recording or two somewhere...
  • Sean1972Sean1972 February 2018
    While tracking down those 3 tracks I also found another piece of production music sometimes used on the Timbo Show. It's called the Will to Win by Andy Clark and was used running up to the news (only when presenting from Radio Mercury's studio I believe). It was also heard on BBC Radio Solent and a longer version was the theme tune for Advertising World on LBC in the 80's. I've now added it to the Mercury, Southern Sound and LBC pages at