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  • djkennytdjkennyt November 2009
    Hi All,
    Can anyone help?
    Looking for a clean copy of Kenny Everett / Mike Vickers - "Retribution"

  • WelshjinglerWelshjingler November 2009
    check your PMs for surprise
  • rickrick October 2011
    Hi there Welshjingler,
    any chance of sending one my way please? (including the B side if possible)
  • wixy1360wixy1360 October 2011
    With the "import" of the pre-changeover back-files, a lot of "old stuff" seems to be getting flagged as being "current discussions" somehow!

    Check the dates gents!
  • gameswizardgameswizard October 2011
    wixy1360 said:

    Check the dates gents!

    I clicked "Mark All Viewed" as soon as I got back on here (as all topics appeared "New").
    Now, I just see "New" after a reply has been made on the latest ones

  • rickrick April 2017
    If anyone hasn't found it on the 'tube yet (in the last 6 years) here's one of many uploads:
    (just found this old thread after a few years break - soundcloud and audioboom seem to have it all!)

    I left the http:// prefix out, as this system shows a blank hole if I leave it in. Good ol' copy and paste to the rescue!
  • If you want decent .wav copies I have transferred both sides of that single to digital....
  • rickrick August 20
    Hi Graham, sorry for the delayed reply, yes please! (if you still have them?). Pleae PM me a download link if poss.