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  • mb March 2004
  • RjM March 2004
Key 103 1997 - Alfasound
  • RjMRjM March 2004
    I've uploaded what I think is one of the best Alfasound custom packages, created for Key 103 Manchester in 1997. The package sounded great on air, and fitted well with the music of the time.

    Click here to download the package demo

    It starts off with one of the best top of hours ever, but unfortunately it excludes the Brian James voice over 'live from the heart of Manchester with today's best music, this is the North West's number one'

    Click here to hear how it was used on air with the VO

    It was this top of hour and package that really got me interested in jingles and prompted me to look on the internet for more info.

    I understand this was one of the last packages to come out from Alfasound and therefore was never resung... shame.

    Any views??
  • mbmb March 2004
    Its a sad Irony that just before the liquidation of Alfasound they were starting to produce more "home grown" jingles than they had for several years There was stuff for Neptune, Vibe, The Wolf , Metro FM, Key 103 and several others. Jingle wise it was starting to become very exciting ( and don't forget the excellent Kiss packages ) Had the colapse not happerned maybe the jinmgle map in the UK today would be very different???
  • RjMRjM March 2004
    Here's another great late Alfa package:

    LA Connection - Metro FM custom 1997