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The morning I discovered jingles . . .
  • DavidHemsleyDavidHemsley March 2004
    I can remember listening to jingles with an interest from about 1972 - but January 2nd 1977 was the day I actually pressed "record" on a cassette deck. As a 12 year old I was very excited that we had got a family christmas present of a Ferguson "music centre"

    Here is the first . . . . Terry Wogan spewing over the JAM Traffic bed - then into Album of the week . . . . .

    On the same cassette - news out and intro to David Hamilton - nice to see Power Intros about in '77 :)

    Can anyone here remember their first day as a jingler ?
  • mbmb March 2004
    Some time in 83/84 discovering KFM Radio on 94.2. It was a great station and the first jingles i ever recorded off air.
  • danjamesukdanjamesuk March 2004
    I remember when I got HOOKED on jingles, and that was whilst sitting in my bedroom as a teenager, tuning around and finding a very crackly GMR on 95.1, coming all the way across the Pennines from Manchester to Sheffield. I'd never heard of the station before and thought it was an ILR - those IDs certainly didn't sound like anything else being aired by BBC Local Radio at the time. Apparently, Lisa Stansfield (who did lead vocals on the package) went to the session by bus from her house in Rochdale! How things changed, when 6 months later, she was in the Top 40! I can also remember working at Radio Sheffield when they ordered their brand new David Arnold package - very exciting - and then being blown away a few years later, when they ordered their very first US package - resings of TM Century's K-Lite package. Lovely... apart from the sports cut which was quoted by a listener as "having the sound of a man having his testicles caught in a vice". They dropped that cut!
  • enerjeeenerjee March 2004
    August 1977 when I discovered Beacon 303 and was mesmerised by how their jingles sounded. Began recording and I've been hooked on radio since then.
  • mikelowndsmikelownds March 2004
    enerjee wrote: August 1977 when I discovered Beacon 303 and was mesmerised by how their jingles sounded. Began recording and I've been hooked on radio since then.

    Me too for Beacon, but it was right at the very beginning in 1976 when their Test TX tapes were on, and I was at someone's house that was high-up listening in Stereo (I didn't have Hi-fi at time)

    How I wish I had copies of that original package
  • InfernoInferno March 2004
    At around 1980 the Radio 1 and 2 packages were the first to grab my attention. Then the BBC Radio Derby package of the time (some MOR sounding instrumental package. Dont know who did them ). BRMB's because package of 82, Sue Manning's Mercia and Radio Stoke jingles and finally Alfasound's fantastic Signal Radio 83 package finally converted me to a jingle collector.
    I really enjoyed those early jingle days. I remember also listening to RTE Radio 2 when they had that Alfasound package and thinking theyve nicked that from Radio Trent! This was before i knew that Alfa made the jingles.