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Victoria Beckham and Sean Martin ?!
  • JingleMadJingleMad November 2003
    I was in a taxi in Bournemouth MANY years ago (1984) at around 2am and the girl back at taxi HQ sounded SO SEXY coming over the internal radio - I took my taxi and tape recorder there and asked her to run over a few liners. What you hear was the very first take. I lost the tape for about 10 years and, to my delight, just found it again. Alas, in poor condition.
    Her name was Debbie Dyke - or that was how she told me she was known as around town! We met for more VO sessions for a couple of years before she left town . . .
    Then there's your friend and mine, Victoria Beckham. 'Nuff said.
    And finally, thanks to Cool Edit, David Hemsley, Hirsty and JAM . . . well, just go listen (for the fun of it)!! Only a true pro could spot the edit. Are you a "true pro"?
    Check out this mix in the Personal Jingles download section.