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Jinglemad New Year?
  • bigdave1bigdave1 November 2003
    After the success of September's meet in Leeds , it's time I think to meet up once again .

    We had lots of fun over ale and crisps - there were highlights a-plenty (including Freq-ky's singing!!!) and jingles the topic of conversation all evening . Also , the new Mixup is done who wants a copy ? (still got some left from the last one if anybody wants one...)

    So , time to throw the floor open again ....where and when ? New Year or before ? Leeds , Manchester or elsewhere ?

    It's over to you.....
  • DavidHemsleyDavidHemsley November 2003
    Howdy dave - the next JM meet is in London - at SBES (see Roy for details)

    After that I'm planning one for Manchester in January, then Leeds again in March.

    Though I'm open for a christmas one in Leeds if anyone fancies a couple of jars one evening?
  • MartinSMartinS November 2003
    Aye good idea!

    Won't be able to make London one... but as many as possible in Leeds/Manchester sounds a good idea, considering there's so many anoraks within easy reach of both.

    On ordinary nights out in Manc/Leeds I hate being the only one that sings to the silver Century FM / blue Real Radio taxis after a few too many Stellas! :roll: