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z 100 cd
  • davewdavew October 2003
    just to let you all no that there is a z 100 cd for sale ive not heard it my self but i hear its got some great jingle montages on it if you want a copy you can buy it from the following site cheers all dave
  • m_hodgeym_hodgey November 2003
    As you will find on the web site, the cost of the CD is $20.00 plus $4.95 US shipping and handling.

    Thought you might like to know (save you emailing them), the cost of shipping and handling to the UK is $6.95 USD. This makes the total price of the CD $26.95 for UK customers.

    :D Just off to order my copy now...............
  • BrammyBrammy November 2003
    When one of you guys gets their copy, how about posting a quick review and more detailed info about the content?

    I for one would especially like to know what the montages are like before I decide whether or not to buy it!

  • m_hodgeym_hodgey November 2003
    Brammy wrote: When one of you guys gets their copy, how about posting a quick review and more detailed info about the content?

    I got my copy of the Z100 CD the other day, and in my opinion, it is very good!

    Funnily enough, track 11 on the CD entitled "Z-100 Jingle Montage" has been uploaded here on Jinglemad for some time. You can find it Here! Having said that, the montage featured on this site and the one on the CD differ very slightly (the version on the CD is about 20 seconds longer). Maybe someone could shed some light on this.

    The CD concentrates on the various air personalities rather than the jingles, but there is a good selection of cuts mixed into each of the tracks and makes a very good listen.
  • JingleMadJingleMad November 2003
    The montage I posted on the download page is a couple of years old. The one on the CD is the one they used this year for the birthday broadcast during the Z Morning Zoo.
    I too enjoyed the CD, but I could probably to a 10 CD set of scoped broadcasts of WHTZ with all the airchecks I've got. . . . except I'd never find the time to do it in reality.
    It's great to listen to in the car. Z100 rules!!
  • freq-kyfreq-ky November 2003
    :) My copy arrived 11 days ago but I've just got round to listening to it in the last day or two.Impressive,very impressive.