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New CD demos
  • NickySNickyS October 2003
    I know that MP3s have changed collecting in the last few years but I still like to have a CD demo in my hands so it's nice to see/hear a few new demos recently - I think it's down to NAB being in London this week but just got the new NewsTalk one from IQBeats inc LBC/Century ... Music4 and SOB also have new demos.
  • MartinSMartinS October 2003
    Regarding the IQ Beats demo, I notice that Fox FM, Century FM and LBC packages now appear additionally as montage form / traditional demo style in the Listening Room of the IQ Beats website with Fox and Century voiced by Dave Kelly.

    I assume this is the format on which they appear on the demo CD? I might have to invest in a copy just to save me from visiting the site to get my regular dose of Century FM and Fox FM! The audio quality is just not the same on some web based demo players.