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Jingle ark
  • Martyn-MMartyn-M October 2003
    Having visited the world famous (well here in Grimsby anyway) jingle ark site for my weekly pop aroung the archives, I was slightly miffed to find that it hasnt been available for some days now.

    Wots happened?

    Please assure me another quality site hasnt gone down the same road as Gwent Broadcasting? (Albeit without that strapline "we're on the right side of the law") :D
  • DavidHemsleyDavidHemsley October 2003
    where? what? who??

    working fine here . . . . you using the right address? ??
  • Martyn-MMartyn-M October 2003
    Hmmmmm.........I wonder why the address in my favourites folder has
    a - (line) between the words jingle and ark. No wonder it didnt work!

    When did this change?

    Im sure Ive been on the site since my months travels!
  • DavidHemsleyDavidHemsley October 2003
    Ah well, we got rid of that pesky little hyphen