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Happy Radio Jingle
  • CuddlyChrisCuddlyChris December 2003

    I am trying to locate an old jingle, possibly from the 1960's, for use on my radio programme.

    The wording goes as follows:

    a girl (schoolgirl) singing "it's a music box, that never stops, and we love it so," I can't remember the next line, the music continues to play while the girl bumbles around stuttering a bit and eventually says "how do you suppose they got all that sound into that tiny little box," then in a loud voice we hear "RADIO MAKES MY DAY HAPPY" then the whole chorus starts again singing "it's a music box, that never stops, and we love it so," still can't remember the wording of this line "Happy Radio"

    I'd really love to get my hands on a copy of this, if anyone can help, please get in touch

    Cuddly Chris
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 2004
    Hi Chris,

    Is this the Jingle that you're after?

    Not sure what company produced it (Not PAMS) but it was used on RNI..


  • CuddlyChrisCuddlyChris January 2004
    Hi Pete Wilson

    Many many thanks for finding this jingle, I have been searching for it for quite a few years.

    I have downloaded the jingle from the website, I hope you don't mind, if you have a better quality recording i.e. on tape, minidisk, cassette or cd, I'd gladly pay postage and packing etc to cover your costs as long as you sent me any other similar jingle you might have in the same package.

    Thank you again, you're a pal for life.

    Yours Chris
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 2004

    No sorry...that is the best quality I have...its from an old Jingle Single from a "Cowboy Jingle Company" from way back in the 1980's!!!
    I wouldn't mind finding out which american Jingle company produced the original..if anybody out there knows? :D
  • jinglejimjinglejim January 2004
    If you slow this jingle down to half speed you will hear it is actually a male voice.
  • petewilsonpetewilson January 2004
    The Mystery deepens.....
    Even the Jingle Guru..Ken R doesn't recognise it....
    Me thinks it must have been a Home-made Jingle produced at RNI!!
  • CuddlyChrisCuddlyChris January 2004
    I first heard it whilst working at Portsmouth Hospital Broadcasting way back in 1977-97, when it was used by Howard Pearce who went on to work on Radio Luxembourg, Virgin 1215 and some local ILR stations in the southern UK.

    I did contact him about this jingle but he too didn't have it or remember where it came from.

    Cuddly Chris
  • MulberryStudiosMulberryStudios October 2017
    Hi Cuddly Chris

    I know this post is over thirteen years old but did you locate the Happy Radio Jingle .... If not I have a good clean copy of it if you still need it - Richard :-))