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Studio videos: Capital FM in 1992
  • jonnojonno August 31
    Love geeking out at studio videos, this short one from 1992 at Capital FM.

    Awesome jingles too :)
  • jonnojonno August 31
    and this one from new year's eve 1990
  • ratnobratnob August 31
    Jonno. Loved all of that. Made me a bit emotional, actually - since dexterity, care, and precision. It spoke of a different age ... and of course those jingles are simply wonderful. Thanks so much for posting. G
  • I wish I had taken a video camera (hell, even a regular camera) into the studios throughout my career. Sadly, I only have footage from a couple.

    First, a show I did with my friend Scott Lowe at 95.1 WAYV in Atlantic City, NJ from 1998 (along with "Top Hour Jingle ID Roulette!"):

    And this is a compilation from our first year at 92.7 Kiss-FM in Chicago, IL from 1998-99 (The 80s Channel launch is also included):

    Hope you enjoy :-)
  • ratnobratnob September 4
    Really enjoyed those. Thanks, Jeffro.
  • jonnojonno September 4
    Great videos Jeffro! Love the TOH jingle roulette - such jingle geeky indulgence :) Looks like you were having a ball on air.
  • jonno said:

    Looks like you were having a ball on air.

    I sure used to...back in the day!